Mangaluru: No Case of Love Jihad in District So Far, Confirms SP Dr Sharanappa

Mangaluru: The state legislative committee on women and child development held a meeting in the zilla panchayat hall here on Wednesday.

Committee member and MLC Dr Jayamala Ramachandra, who incidentally hails from the district, raised the subject of the much-hyped term ‘Love Jihad’ which was heard in the coastal region and sought to know as to what action the police were taking in the matter.


Responding to it, the district’s superintendent of police, Dr Sharanappa S D, said that there was not a single case of ‘Love Jihad’ in the district according his information. Even in the so-called cases of ‘moral policing’, his department regarded it as immoral rowdyism, he further said.

He also made a spirited appeal to bolser the police force in the district which was facing a dire shortage of staff. While the state average was 100 personnel per a lakh of people, the DK district lagged behind with only 57 per lakh.

In this backdrop, the investigations suffered and appealed to the committee to act towards this cause.

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  1. Common sense. When I first heard the name ‘Love Jihad’ I could immediately sense it was coined and could not be real. Love and Jihad are 2 separate words with separate meanings and that too in a place like Mangalore what sense would it make for anybody to phrase this word.

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