Mangaluru: Undertrial’s ‘Byte’ to Mediapersons – Escort Cop Feels the ‘Sting’!

Mangaluru: When an in-house, ugly fight broke out in the district jail earlier this month which led to two deaths, some involved in the scuffle and injured were being taken to hospitals and some to courts.

During the process, Faizal, one of the undertrials, managed to speak to the media. He pinpointed at least two personnel of the jail, who he claimed, had brought the lethal weapons inside the jail in a blue polythene bag.


He may have spoken the truth and blurted it out out of frustration and not being able to tolerate it. How he would be treated by the jail staff in future for letting the cat out of the bag no one can guess.

The disclosure is likely to have its bearing on the inquiry currently being held by top officials. On the other hand, the episode has taken its toll on a police constable who escorted Faizal in the police van.

Aiyappa, a cop from the Bunder station who was with Faizal, has been held responsible for dereliction of duty. The city police commissioner has suspended him from service, pending an inquiry, for allowing Faizal to give ‘bytes’ to the media, which have been widely publicized.

The cop has felt the sting of the ‘byte’ for sure.

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