Surfing Demo and Beach Cleaning Held at Sasihithlu

Surfing Demo and Beach Cleaning Held at Sasihithlu

Mangaluru: A beach cleaning campaign and surfing demo was held at Sasihithlu Beach, here on May 22.

Members from various organizations joined the campaign and collected a large quantity of wastage from the beach.

Deputy commissioner A B Ibrahim also joined the beach cleaning campaign. Speaking to, Deputy commissioner A B Ibrahim said that surfing is one of the most favorite adventure sport across the world. “Now it has been receiving popularity in India. Mulky and Sasihithlu beaches are the best surfing locations in the country and have been gaining more and more attention. Many stars like Jonty Rhodes, Sunil Shetty and other celebrities are attracted towards these beaches.”

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He further said that efforts are being made to improve these beaches. “We are introducing a national-level open surfing for the first time in the Sasihithlu Beach. Sasihithlu is the most shallow and beautiful beach in the entire state; it can compete with beaches of Goa and any other state. Now, Tannirbavi and Panambur beaches have become overcrowded. Sasihithlu Beach is a virgin beach and the most favored destination for swimming and leisure since you can walk into the sea for up to 100 meters.”

International surfing star Aneesha from Puttur, speaking to said, “I have been surfing from 2 1/2 years under Mantra surfing. I am very much thrilled to surf in Sasihithlu beach. When there are huge waves, it gets a little scary but once we start surfing, we feel like doing it more and more. We have been surfing here from the past month under Mantra Surfing club. Four days ago, the conditions were very good and we enjoyed it. Now the sea is very rough and the waves are too turbulent.”

Tanvi (15) from Mantra surfing, originally from Surathkal, said, “I am a national level stand-up peddler but I surf a lot and I have really good experience in surfing. My parents were not ready to send me for surfing but in Mantra surfing, since they show much concern and care they are happy and moreover this has increased my confidence. Earlier I did not know how to swim but Mantra surfing taught me how to swim. There is no full stop for Surfing, I enjoy it very much.”

Yathish Baikampady speaking to said, “Surfing is a new sport here which will safeguard the coast. Many times, parents stop their children from learning to swim. In India many people die by drowning, we lack knowledge of swimming. Parents should encourage their children to learn swimming. Surfing should be encouraged, when more people join surfing, it will help to keep the beaches clean. The surfing federation is based in Mulky, which is known as the mother of surfing in India. People from all over the world come here to learn surfing. When people from other countries can come, then it is our duty to promote this sport in our own district and encourage more people to join surfing.”

More than 150 volunteers from various organizations joined hands to clean the beach at Sasihithlu.

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  1. Good coverage and sincere thanks to those volunteers who dedicated time to clean the beach while elected leaders were busy posing for camera in different events!!

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