10 Phone Tips Everyone Must Know

10 Phone Tips Everyone Must Know

In today’s time, we are all proud owners of our smartphones. The invention of these smartphones has completely changed our lives. It has become impossible for us to go without our phones. We need it 24/7 not just for calling but for various other purposes.

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Tips That You Will Find Useful

We all use smartphones in our daily lives. But how many of us follow these tips listed below. These are some of the things that all of us should follow.

1. Lock your phone with a password
Your phone comes with different security lock systems including finger touch, pattern lock, and password lock. The best way to secure your phone is by using a password. That’s because it is hard to detect.

2. Update your phone regularly
Many of us have the habit of ignoring our regular phone updates. These updates are important because they come with various bug fixes and improvements that are important for your phone.

3. Avoid suspicious links
If you receive any suspicious links via text or email, do not click on it. There are high chances that the link contains a virus or it can be a cybercriminal trick to hack your phone.

4. Use a VPN when using public Wi-Fi
If you are tempted to use public Wi-Fi for free make sure that you are using a reliable VPN service. This will keep you safe from the eyes of cyber attackers.

5. Do not download apps from third-party sources
You should completely avoid downloading apps outside your official app store. This can be harmful to your phone.

6. Install an antivirus on your phone
Having an anti-virus keeps your phone safe from any virus attack or malware. Make sure you get reliable anti-virus software.

7. Always have a backup of your data
You never know what happens to your phone. To keep your important data safe you should always back it up on your cloud server.

8. Enable remote wiping your phone
In case, you lose your phone or it is stolen, it’s better to have your remote wiping feature enabled on your phone. This will allow you to delete all your data even when you don’t have the phone with you.

9. Scan your phone regularly
You should scan your phone regularly for the virus just to keep it safe.

10. Use a phone cover/case
You should use a phone cover or case. This will help you keep your phone protected at all times.

So these are some of the essential mobile phone tips that all of us should know. This will allow you to have a better experience while using your phone.





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