‘VishwaSamskrutiUtsava – World Culture Festival’ held in Dubai

‘VishwaSamskrutiUtsava – World Culture Festival’ held in Dubai

UAE: Kannadigas residing in Dubai witnessed a harvest of cultural programs and cheered in the wake of a variety of dances presented by more than 70 artistes from Karnataka, India. Kamsale, Kathak, Folk, Contemporary and Special Yoga Dance forms were beautifully presented by Davanagere’s Chirantana Team, Guru Shridhar Jain’s Mysuru team, Guru Krupa Phadake Team, Guru Kamakshi team from Bengaluru, Srujana Art Academy and Dr Lata Shekhar Team.

Dubai’s dignitaries and Special guests from India’s made the World Culture Festival proud by assuming their chairs on stage. The presence of Dr B R Shetty on stage contributed richness to the programme. On stage, Dr Sheela Sridhar, Yeshwant Saresh Pande represented India while Harish Shergarh, Muhammad Mustaffa, Zafrullah Khan, Yusuf Al Belushi and Mallikarjuna Gowda represented Dubai.

The International Excellence Award was presented to the honourable men and women who served in various fields on this occasion. Sri Harish Sherigar was honoured for his pro-Kannada organization and music, Revathi Kamat was honoured for reviving Somahalli Lake by planting 2 lakh saplings, Dr Lata Shekar was honoured for her services in the field of Bharatanatyam, Srinivasa Murthy was awarded for his services in the field of employment to Indians in UAE, Guru Sridhar Jain was honoured for his services in the field of Dance and Social Service. Also, the Heads of Pro-Kannada organizations, UAE were honoured during the event.

Later in his speech, Dr B R Shetty appreciated the efforts made by Chirantana and mentioned that “VishwaSamskrutiUtsava – World Culture Festival” is one of the magnificent programmes he has witnessed in Dubai recently.

Dances on the tunes of Vande Mataram, Lokada Kannige, Chellidaru Malligeya and Rangeelo Maro fantasied the audience. Kamsale Dance by Nrutyasiri team ignited the spirit among the crowd. The team of Nrutya Degula performed Dasahavataara, Yoga Dance energised everyone. The dances for Deepavu Ninnade, Barisu Kannada Dimdimava by Chirantana team excited and thrilled the Kannadigas present at the auditorium. Prior to the Dance show, Little Samhita S Muthalikresonated Kannada folk songs in her sweet voice and entertained the audience. Inspired by the show, Harish Sherigar blazed the stage by singing a popular number of Dr Rajkumar, the matinee idol of Kannada Cinema.

By recognizing the achievers and by the performances of a variety of dances from the various artistes from Karnataka, India Chirantana became successful in spreading the Kannada vibrancy and cultural splendour in Dubai. Various Kannada organizations of UAE have contributed to the success of the programme. Karnataka Sangha, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi Karnataka Sangha, Al Ain Kannada Sangha and Kanndigaru Dubai joined hands with Chirantna to make sure over 1200 spectators to witness the spectacular, colourful and youthful event. Overall Chirantana gave a chance to see top artists, literary elites on the same stage and enjoy high-quality dances through “VishwaSamskrutiUtsava” for the Dubai Kannadigaru.

The successful “VishwaSamskrutiUtsava – World Culture Festival” was led and directed by Deepa N Rao, founder of Chirantana while aided by Madhava Padaki & Alakanada M.S and coordinated by Dubai’s M S Arun, Noel Almeda, Prashanth Acharya, Sadandas and Sundaresh S.

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