Waiting for Bollywood to call: Danish band MLTR

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Kolkata, Dec 17 (IANS) Danish soft rock/pop band Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) is waiting for Bollywood to call!

Known for cult songs “Paint My Love” and “Take Me to Your Heart”, MLTR is all set to perform in the city on Thursday.

Currently, the three-member band consists of drummer Kare Wanscher, singer-keyboard player Jascha Richter and guitarist Mikkel Lentz.

Admitting they are fans of Bollywood movies and Indian pop music, Lentz said they would love to collaborate.

“We are waiting for calls from Bollywood all the time but nobody calls us! Somebody from Bollywood should call us,” the guitarist told the media here on Wednesday when asked about possible collaborations.

However, they want to stay away from collaborating “too much”.

“… on the other hand we don’t want to collaborate too much. We want to stick to what we are best at so that we don’t disappear music-wise.”

With a global record sale of 11 million physical albums, over six million paid downloads and estimated 50 million video views on YouTube, the band has been entertaining music lovers with their melodic numbers since 1988.

With over 25 years of making chart-topping music, they now have a strong presence online and like it that way.

“Our fans are all online so we are online,” Wanscher said.

For beginners wishing to make a mark on the music scene, MLTR’s tip is: “Have the courage to trust yourself and don’t pretend to be someone else.”

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