300 Budding Young Scientists present Scientific Models in ‘Brain Quest-2016’

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300 Budding Young Scientists present Scientific Models in ‘Brain Quest-2016’

Udupi: The students of rural and urban, scientific and non-scientific, technical and non-technical, presented innovative discoveries here at ‘Brain Quest,’ the annual Udupi district science and technology fair and competition organised by E-Skool at the Nutana Ravindra Mantapa on November 12.

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The 300 budding young scientists from schools across Udupi district presented their scientific models at the Brain Quest-2016. The science and technology fair offered a podium and enabled the young minds to experiment with their imaginary creativity. The day-long science and marketing fest showcased scientific discoveries using various theories and scientific equations.

Competitions were held in categories such as ‘Science Quest’, ‘Model Quest’, ‘Product Quest’, ‘Research Quest’ and ‘FxQuest’.

In the Science Quest, students exhibited scientific models and experiments which they had developed. In Model Quest, a team of students designed a model of solar-powered desalination unit to produce fresh water from the salt water.

Sanjay Kumar and Venil Noronha developed a school bell system where the bell rings with a missed call. Venil says that it is an effective time management device.

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Students of TAPAI English Medium High school have developed a modernised fencing system to prevent crop destruction by animals. The fence is supplied with low voltage electricity.

Baratesh and Sandesh students of Volakadu School have developed emergency traffic elevation system where the system prevents accidents caused by hi-speed trains at the level crossings.

Ethan and Ben Sequeira have developed a mini hydel project generating power. The other project includes desalination plant which was the prime attraction in the Brain Quest.

Poornima Kamath Director of E-Skool and others were present. The craft prepared by students were also displayed.


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