34,764 Students of II PUC all Geared Up to Write Exams in DK from 1-18 March

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34,764 Students of II PUC all Geared Up to Write Exams in DK from 1-18 March


Mangaluru: It’s once again that time of the year, that IInd PUC students in the State have to appear for their annual exams. In Dakshina Kannada, 34,764 IInd PUC students from nearly 200 colleges will be writing their exams at 54 centres. Elaborate arrangements have been made by the Department of PU Board for the smooth conduct of the exams. Section 144 of CrPc has been imposed in 200 metre radius of 54 exam centres in DK district, directed by DC Sasikanth Senthil and District Magistrate’s Office in Dakshina Kannada.

All activities which will aid malpractice in exams are banned. Xerox shops which are within 200 metres from the exam zone have been directed to stop operations during the exam days. Any kind of explosive or weapons are banned in the exam centres. People have also been warned against taking part in schemes to leak exam papers or any kind of conspiracies that will disrupt the smooth functioning of the exam centres.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Ms Elvira Philomena, In-Charge-DDPU said, “Apart from 34,764 fresh candidates, about 2536 are repeaters and private candidates appearing for the exams. In Arts section, 3933 students are appearing for the exams, among them are 1557 boys. About 6707 boys and 771 girls are appearing for the exams in Commerce; and 16,353 candidates are appearing for science exams. Examination has been made fool-proof, CCTV cameras have been installed to check any illegal activities”.

Sources reveal that like previous years, biometrics has been made mandatory for staff assigned for exams work, and also use of mobile phones is prohibited for them. Students who leave the exam hall in advance will not be allowed to carry exam papers. In the view of Lok Sabha elections, this time the exams have been scheduled little earlier, where exams in 39 subjects across various combinations will be held from 1-18 March at 54 exam centres in DK.

Yes, burning the midnight oil all these days in preparation for their annual exams, 34,764 students from Dakshina Kannada are all geared up to write the II PU exams starting today, which will last for another few more days, ending on March 18. Among the 54 centres in DK, St Aloysius PU College-Mangaluru is one among them. And Team Mangalorean interacted with few students who were browsing through their text books/note books/iPads/other electronic devices in getting ready with all the knowledge they need to answer the exam.

Thousands of students from St Agnes PU College- Mangaluru and Govt PU College-Kavoor-Mangaluru are taking their PU exams at St Aloysius PU College, while nearly 1800 PU students from St Aloysius PUC are appearing for the exams at Madhusudan Kushe PU College-Mangalore and Canara PU College, both in Mangaluru. Designated officials have collected papers relating to individual examination centres from the office of the deputy director in PU education department, and it is ensured that examinations are conducted in a systematic manner at all these centres.

Deputy director of PU education in the district Ramchandra Bhat speaking to Team Mangalorean at St Aloysius PUC Centre said, ” All vehicles carrying questions papers to these 54 centres in DK are equipped with GPS system and they will be monitored by higher officials, under the guidance of District Deputy Commissioner. Principals, block education officers, and tahsildars will be overseeing the examination. Question paper distribution to all these centres have started this morning around 6 am, and only 30 candidates will be allowed to sit in each examination hall and it will be monitored by CCTV. Biometrics is mandatory for the staff at the helm of exam work, and they are restricted from carrying mobile phones inside the exam hall”.

Fr Melwin Mendonca Sj- Principal of St Aloysius PU College-Mangaluru speaking to Team Mangalorean said, ” Since the last two years the PUC Exam Board had made some changes, which include that students from their respective college have to take their exam at a different college. This time being the third year, , nearly 1889 PUC students and 28 repeaters from our college are appearing for their PU exams at Madhusudan Kushe PU College, and Canara PU College-Mangaluru. Elaborate arrangements have been made at our college, including proper security for the smooth running of the exams. Dr Ganesh Amin. HOD, Dept. of Kannada at our college is in-charge of the exam proceedings. I wish all the students best of luck in their exams”.

This year KSRTC had provided free bus service to all these PUC students taking up the exams- all they have to is to show their exam admission tickets to the bus conductor. This facility is available for PUC students from March 1-March 19, 2019. This free service is available in all ordinary or express buses which ply in their respective routes.The exam officials have instructed that students should not forget to carry their hall tickets and other things to the examination hall, and never to allow confusion to crop up at the last minute. Losing of sleep at the last minute for studies can have adverse effect on health. As examinations begin at 10.15 am, students should reach the examination centres early.

Shirley who was doing her last minute memorizing of her subject for today speaking to Team Mangalorean said “It’s, indeed, tiring but there’s no other go. Today, the competition is so tough and to beat it, one is forced to study hard. I have been staying up late night and getting up early in the morning, and today and next few days are the days to unleash what I have learned and do my best in the exam, and pass with good grades. I am confident that I will do good, but little bit scary as to how the questions are.” Sumanth speaking said, ” I am all set for my exams. For all the past days that I have studied getting ready for my exams, I only hope that the questions are not tough and confusing-other than that I have a feeling that I will do good in my exams”

Team Mangalorean/Mangalorean.com would like to wish all these 34,764 PUC students “Best of Luck” in their exams, and May you all come out in flying colors. Success Galore!

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