3D Dimension Govt in State, High Command has lost Trust in BSY – Ivan

3D Dimension Govt in State, High Command has lost Trust in BSY – MLC Ivan D’Souza

Mangaluru: “B S Yeddyurappa has completed one month as the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Last week he announced 16 ministers and after 6 days he has named 3 Deputy CMs. Yeddyurappa has named Govind Karjol, Dr Ashwath Narayan and Laxman Savadi as Deputies. This is the first time in the history of Karnataka three DCMs have been named. This is a 3D dimension government. The order to announce the ministers comes from New Delhi and the order to distribute the portfolios comes from Nagpur. There is a fight between Delhi and Nagpur and the reality is that the high command has lost trust in BS Yeddyurappa. There are differences between BJP leaders. We had thought that the government would rule for at least 6 months but in the present situation this government will not long last for a month”, said MLC Ivan D’Souza in a press meet held at the DCC office here on August 27.

Addressing the mediapersons Ivan D’Souza said, “The BJP High Command itself has created confusion among the people saying that the BJP government in Karnataka will not last for 6 months. There are various groups in the BJP such as the BJP-KJP etc, the Unhappy Group, a rebel group and other groups. The BJP leaders Angara, R Ashok, Jagadish Shettar are not happy. C T Ravi has already resigned from the post and returned his official vehicle. We had a coalition government in the state and the BJP was criticizing it saying that the orders come from Delhi sealed in covers, but what happened to BJP now? If the senior BJP leaders have any self-respect let them follow C T Ravi.”

Ivan D’Souza further said, “If politicians don’t have self-respect in the party, they will not able to perform. The elected members should have the capacity to meet the requirements of the people. This is the first time we see this kind of situation. They have formed the government to loot the people. Yeddyurappa and sons are very actively working in transferring the officials. This government is ruling in the 2008 -13 style and is not in favour of the people. The BJP in the state rules through orders received in covers, they get orders from Delhi and Nagapur. This is a fight between Santhosh (RSS) and Amit Shah (BJP), and the people of the state are the victims. If the government was people-friendly they would have sanctioned compensation to the flood-affected people. We have 26 MPs and 4 ministers from our state but they have failed to bring even 5 paise compensation for the victims of the recent floods. The CM says that there has been a loss of Rs 50,000 crore, but the experts estimate the loss to be more than Rs 1 lakh crore. All the roads in 103 taluks have been washed away. 65 lakh houses have been partially damaged and 35 lakh houses are completely damaged. 20 lakh acres of cultivation lost and 20,000 hectares of land destroyed in landslides. In such a situation BJP leaders did not come to DK. If the elected members cannot bring the ministers to DK what is the use of electing them as leaders. The high command does not take Yeddyurappa seriously. The BJP leaders could have at least taken an all-party delegation to Delhi but they don’t have the capacity”.

Ivan D’Souza also said, “Yeddyurappa went to Delhi four times but he does not have the courage to speak in front of Modi. We had requested to provide the Kodagu model package for the flood victims. Yeddyurappa had assured of giving Rs 10,000 to every family who lost their property and houses in the flood but has not kept his promise. Those who lost their houses did not get a single Rupee. Electricity has not been restored, damaged bridges have not been reconstructed. The supreme court has indirectly supported and upheld the decision of the speaker. The BJP wants to keep the rebel MLAs out. They should have acted during the floods but they are busy cancelling the BPL cards saying that in each district there are 1 lakh bogus BPL cards and Rs 2,500 crore can be saved by cancelling them. In Bengaluru, there are 174 Indira canteens which serve 62.70 lakh people a day and the BJP is trying to close down those canteens. BJP is trying to cancel all the schemes implemented by the Congress government. If they try to stop the schemes favouring the poor, we will not be quiet”, warned Ivan.


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