4 Life Lessons from The Disaster Relief Workers

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4 Life Lessons from The Disaster Relief Workers

The Dalai Lama had once said, “It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.” It’s the very ability to enact on one’s charitable instincts that separate disaster relief workers from all other humanitarian individuals.

If we look into reality, when a catastrophe actually strikes, it leaves behind its victims in a state of complete chaos and despair. At this low point, disaster relief workers play a really impactful role in improving the unfortunate situation and offering the much-needed distress relief to the victims. The way they carry out their noble work comes with many life lessons that one can gain inspiration from, even while continuing to live their worldly existence.

In that regard, here are 4 key lessons we can aim to learn from the disaster relief workers:

1. The Art of Congeniality Even in Adversity

Disaster relief workers are well recognized to adapt seamlessly, irrespective of the adverse situation they find themselves in. As a part of carrying out their relief work, they’re often subjected to harsh living conditions with limited access to food, drinking water, electricity and the basic amenities of life. Very often, they are also required to travel to far off places to carry out their relief operations.

In spite of the difficulties and challenges they encounter, they live through all of it with a smile. A great lesson to learn from them is the art of being congenial even when one is completely out of their comfort zone.

The very essence of life rests in its unpredictability. Ultimately, it’s the fittest that survive amidst all that’s meted out to them. Situations are something that we have no control over. However, adaptability to them is something we can definitely adopt, learning from the relief workers.

2. The Ability to Be Mindful of Words And Reactions

One of the most admirable qualities to absorb from disaster relief workers is the mindfulness and sensitivity with which they respond to adversity in a spontaneous manner.

While carrying out relief work in extreme and far from comfortable conditions, relief workers are seamlessly able to tailor their demeanor and tactfully provide a sense of comfort to the people who have been uprooted from their lives.

Such behavior is always more responsive and less planned. Having the ability to respond with such spontaneity and mindfulness at all times is a virtue, something we must aspire to adopt and nurture in our own lives.

3. Perennial Willingness to Contribute to Others

It’s commonly found that disaster relief workers always lead more fulfilling lives. That’s because they place greater emphasis on the standard of their life as compared to their standard of living. This manifests in their continued willingness to contribute towards greater societal good.

Helping and supporting people is what ultimately builds up one’s personality and character. Disaster relief professionals are largely driven by their passion and willingness to help other people in need. And it is this drive that makes them go that extra mile.

While we may not be people willing to contribute to society to that extent, we can at least aim to do our best in our limited capacity, even if it’s only in the form of financial help. In that sense, we should consciously arrest what constrains us by having our own basic financial security in place.

4. Showing Courage Even in the Darkest Hour

Disaster relief work is to be carried out after a disaster. Naturally, no disaster comes with an expiry date. For instance, nobody can rule out the possibility of another immediate earthquake after one has just occurred.

Being brave and moving ahead with the relief task, especially when the situation is completely unfavorable is something we can really learn from these workers. They are able to do this even though they all have their own families to care for.

While we might not be able to muster up the strength to willingly enter the eye of the storm, we could at least learn to from them to build up the courage to face adversity as it comes in day-to-day life. In that sense, we should at least protect the most important things in life to be able to take a call.

As a fact, disaster recovery work has never been and can never be a smooth sail. There are various risks, challenges that every relief worker subjects him or herself to at the occurrence of the disaster. In spite of it all, they manage to play their role beautifully. The way they do so carries life lessons we must gain inspiration from.
Staying Prepared for the Worst All the Time

One thing about disaster relief is the unpredictability of work and schedules. Professional disaster relief work is like clockwork, where every second count. But, the most important thing is the call.

No one can really predict when the disaster will strike, especially things like an earthquake. Thus, only option disaster workers are left with is to be always prepared, and answer the relief call in minimum time.

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