5 Ways Online Casinos Market Astutely

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5 Ways Online Casinos Market Astutely

Online gambling in India is, by and large, heavily restricted, certainly outside of places like Goa and Sikkim.But the talk about easing of legislation in different states is never off the agenda. Indeed, India is often cited as the country foreign operators would most like to open up to online casinos and sports betting. Will it happen? Probably not too soon. Yet, money talks, and in places like the UK and Canada online gambling sites have been hugely successful and earn plenty of money for the governments. Politicians in India will have noticed.

One of the reasons for the success of online casino sites in these countries is the slick and smart way they market their products, even within the confines of robust regulatory standards. Below we look at five ways they do this successfully:

Promotions and Bonuses

Getting the obvious one out of the way first; it’s an expectation from players that they receive some sort of incentive to sign up to an online casino. This will usually come in the form of extra bonus cash to match the deposit, or free spins to try out some games. Normally, there are some restrictions on how this bonus cash is used; for example, it might need to be wagered a number of times before withdrawal. But it’s an attraction for players, with some even ‘bonus hunting’, i.e. signing up to many different casinos to get the bonuses.

Create a Sense of Identity

Casinos can be quite dry places if there is not something else going on outside of the games. Operators know this and thus tailor their sites with different themes. There are many ways to do this. For example, when playing at Mansion Casino, you can feel its British spirit. This is because many of the games, such as Britain’s Got Talent Slot, are recognizable and identifiable to the UK audience. Other casinos might have music themes, sci-fi themes, and so on.

An Emphasis on Community

Something perhaps overlooked; there is a concerted push to make online casino play less solitary and more of a social experience. Online casinos will promote multi-player games, where you can, for example, create private poker tables with your friends. This is also done in less obvious ways like having slot races and tournaments. You might even see extra bonuses added to your account if you refer a friend to sign up.

A Focus on the Experience

The way the online casinos market to their customers has evolved. It’s not only about winning money but about immersing players into a different world in a similar way to video games. This is part of the selling point. By promoting the use of new technology – 3D games, live dealer tables, immersive tech – casinos are selling the experience, not the profit lines. Indeed, the use of immersive technology looks to be the future of online casinos, and it may change the way we think about gaming.

Big, Big Jackpots

Of course, while casinos promote the experience, the money does matter. Casinos will put the big jackpot games front and center of the sites. There is a secret here, however; namely, the jackpots are a collective effort, managed by the software developers rather than individual casinos. It means the jackpots can grow to enormous sizes – the equivalent of 1 billion rupees is not unheard of – because the games are connected across a vast network.

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