50 Schools in DK to go Solar – MLC Ivan

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50 Schools in DK to go Solar – MLC Ivan

Mangaluru: MLC Ivan D’Souza held a press meet at his office, MCC premises here, on April 28.

Addressing the mediapersons, Ivan said, “I have installed solar rooftop units over my house which have a capacity to generate 1200 units of electricity every month. In the past few months however, the production has been 1385 units. This proves that Dakshina Kannada can be made a hub to tap solar energy.”


Perabe Gram in Puttur Taluk is turning into a complete solar Gram. “I have also sanctioned Rs 5.36 lakh from the MLC fund towards installing these units over 40 houses of endosulfan victims. These units will generate enough power to light up one fan, two lights and a cell phone charger. Rs 5 lakh was sanctioned towards installing a solar unit over the DC office building. Buildings of MCC, ZP and MUDA will also have solar rooftop units installed over them.”

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“50 aided and government schools in Dakshina Kannada district will get funds from the MLC fund towards installing a 3 KW solar unit over their roof. Each unit will cost Rs 2.5 lakh and all the units will cost up to Rs 1.25 crores. A part of this money will be sanctioned from the MLC regional development fund and the rest will be acquired from various industries. In the first phase, 5 schools will be selected for this project from each Vidhan Sabha constituency,” he said.

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Ivan further said, “Each school with a 3 KW solar unit can generate 12 units of power every day and 360 units every month. The rate per unit fixed by MESCOM is Rs 9.56 so each school will get Rs 3441.60 from MESCOM. This money can be used by the school for developing infrastructure and giving scholarships to students.”

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  1. Hey Rampa…. NOW finally you can complete your schooling – all thanks to MLC Ivan D’souza.

  2. I’m no big fan of Ivan D’Souza who comes across more like a President of local Catholic association than an elected representative. However, I sincerely believe that he is truly passionate about solar energy. I appreciate his leadership in promoting solar as an alternative source of energy in Dakshin Kannada. Good job!

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