6 Crores Sanctioned for Drinking Water, MLAs Must Use it Properly – MLC Ivan D’Souza

6 Crores Sanctioned for Drinking Water, MLAs Must Use it Properly – MLC Ivan D’Souza

Mangaluru: “Today, I would like to talk about the issue of drinking water shortages. The monsoon season may be delayed. When we requested the state government and election officials to alter the timings of the by poll elections because of the heat, Yeddyurappa opposed it and said that the election timings must not be changed. On one hand, there is the issue of drinking water shortages. On the other hand, there is severe heat and it is not raining. The money sanctioned by the state government is not being released because the election commission is not allowing it. However, since yesterday, a few percentages of the fund have been sanctioned by the state government for the purposes of drinking water. Dakshina Kannada district has received over 6 crore rupees for drinking water”, said MLC and Parliamentary Secretary Ivan D’Souza in a press meet held at the DCC Office, Mallikatta here, on May 6.

Addressing the mediapersons Ivan D’Souza said, “NDRF and SDRF have started sending water tankers to areas where there is severe water shortage in our district. We have given the local MLAs enough money to send water tankers to places where there is no water. I also request the local MLAs to give permission to dig bore wells for the purpose of supplying drinking water. Regarding water used for daily activities, we have to draw enough water so that it matches our consumption rate. If we do this, there is less chances of water being lost due to evaporation. I have spoken to the engineers of the Thumbay Dam. As of today, the water level stands at 4.38 meters. This means that there is enough water to be supplied daily for the next 22 days.”

Ivan further said, “The dredging process for the dam has also passed the tender stage. The local MLAs have to ensure the further completion of the process. If the dredging process is carried out and the dirt is cleaned out, then there will be an increase in water supply. The sand deposition must be cleared out. Regarding drinking water, the RDPI department has sanctioned money to clean the bore wells and fix open wells. The local MLAs must make proper use of this money. The instructions from the state government say that the work has to be reviewed by the local MLAs and not by ministers or parliamentary secretaries. “

Congress Spokesperson A C Vinayaraj, DCC General Secretary Santosh Kumar Shetty, and others were also present.

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Prasad M K

Mr. MLC, the present MLA’s are better than the previous MLA’s. Please do not worry.