6 Signs of Emotional Health

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People who survive troubled times tend to possess certain strengths. In the aftermath of the events in September, it may help to consider those traits common among survivors of adversity ? and often abundant in Americans.

MORALITY: Past hardship has instilled integrity and a sense of compassion and concern for others. You pursue what’s right and find meaning in helping others. INSIGHT: You’re a careful observer and rely on your own interpretation of events. You ask tough questions of yourself and others  and don’t evade honest answers. You resist blaming others for your troubles.

INDEPENDENCE: You’ve learned to pull back emotionally from fruitless issues, and avoid letting others draw you into their unhappiness. When things get tough, you’ve learned to seek personal respite.

INITIATIVE: You know you are responsible for your fate. You work hard, welcome challenge and often take the lead with clear and realistic goals.

RELATIONSHIPS: You are skilled at developing strong relationships, always learning from past experience. You’ve cultivated a strong circle of friends with whom you share concern and affection.

HUMOR: You know how to keep pain in perspective and use humor to defuse negative situations. Your positive nature often brings order out of confusion in ways that make life more pleasing.

You are stronger than you think. It’s important to recognize your inner skills in order to develop a healthy dose of survivor’s pride. For no matter what happens to you in life, it’s what you make of it that counts.

Source: The Resilient Self, by Wolin and Wolin

Author: Ken Lobo- Canada

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