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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Space Cleansing

Have you noticed that some places or environments radiate an energy that is nurturing while some spaces can deplete you and even cause the...

Eating well when you don’t feel well

Your diet is especially important when you are ill. Eating the right kinds and amounts of foods can help you heal, feel better and...

Spring is prime time for Allergies

Allergies can flare up at any time. However, for tens of millions of people, springtime is the most severe time for allergies. An allergy...

Love Your Job

There are few things in life that are more sad than watching someone who is unhappy with his or her job. I know you've...

Useful Health Tips For Frequent Fliers

Here are smart tips for passengers traveling on long flights:Drink water. Cabin air is dry. Flying dehydrates your body. When the flight attendants roll...

Wintertime Watch: Keep Your Hands Clean

Contagious bugs abound during the holiday season, making it a good time to take hand hygiene seriously. According to the American medical Association...

No time to fuss with lunch?

Do you make hasty, not-so-healthy food choices on the run because your stomach is desperate? While eating can sometimes get in the way of your...

Useful tips on foot care

The feet and toes are important parts in body movement. They carry and move the weight of the body during walking and running, and...

6 Signs of Emotional Health

People who survive troubled times tend to possess certain strengths. In the aftermath of the events in September, it may help to consider those...

Do You Have These Safety Items at Home?

1. Fire extinguishers: of the BC or ABC type should be handy in the kitchen, garage and other key areas. 2. Smoke alarms: are life...

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