61-year-old Cyclist Joseph Pereira wins all 4 Legs of Trek Century Challenge 2020

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61-year-old Cyclist Joseph Pereira wins all 4 Legs of Trek Century Challenge 2020

Mangaluru: “We are feeling proud to share that our customer, Mr. Joseph Pereira is one among the top 3 cyclists who participated in the Trek Century Challenge 2020, with over 3400 participants challenging their limits taking part in this challenge”, said the owner of Jyoti Cycle Mangaluru Ganesh Nayak.

In his press statement, Ganesh Nayak said, “Trek Bicycle India had launched India’s first-ever Trek Century Challenge in August 2020. The challenge was to test the limits of cyclists across the country. It was spread across 50 days spanning 4 alternate weeks with a target of riding a total of 100, 200, 300, or 500 kilometers for a chance to win Bontrager accessories and riding gear. It was concluded on 30 September 2020”.

Joseph Pereira, a member of Mangalore Bicycle Club has been a consistent performer in the challenge in each of the weeks. He has emerged in the Top 10 winners in the first leg and in Top 3 winners across the country in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th legs of the challenge. With winning the last leg, he has become the only cyclist across the country to have won all 4 legs in the challenge.

His determination and dedication have earned him deserving accolades at National level. Mr Joseph has always been a fitness enthusiast and cycling is his passion to keep his healthy lifestyle active. Despite the current set of challenges around, his zeal towards cycling kept him on his pedals and has become an inspiration for many on their path to a healthy and fitter life.

While the challenge was launched to test the limit of cyclists, this Mangalorean who is 61 years old, has raised the bar by pushing his own limits. In all the legs, he has achieved the target by riding in one stretch to achieve the required target. ‘Bad weather, Corona and his age, nothing stopped him from achieving his dream’. says Mrs Violet, wife of Mr Joseph.

Trek Bicycle India, a leading International Bicycle brand with a mission of building the best bicycles in the world, has partnered with Jyoti Cycle, Mangalore, a business house into the business of cycles for 75 years in Mangalore. Mr Joseph Pereira is a valuable customer of Jyoti Cycle and the firm is extremely happy with him accomplishing this national-level recognition. He is an exceptional performer and we believe many more Mangaloreans will draw inspiration from him.

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  1. cant believe Joseph is 61 years. Does not look a day older than 40! great going Joseph. Congratulations!

  2. Unbelievable at the first sight!!! Such a great achievement at this age. You proved that age is only the number and power and energy of a person is not defined by the age. It is not an easy task even to take such decision the world must take inspiration from you. You are 61 years young man (I don’t call it old). Congratulations ?????and I wish you all the success to your future adventures. I am extremely excited for the next news!!!

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