92-year-old F M Lobo among 1K others took part in ‘Kudla Runs for No Drugs’ Marathon

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92-year-old F M Lobo among 1000 others took part in the ‘Kudla Runs for No Drugs’ Marathon organized by Father Muller Medical College, St Joseph Engineering College, and Lourdes Central School, in collaboration with SJEC Alumni Association, SJEC Foundation, Diocesan Commission for Health, on Sunday, 3 December 2023

  • “We Raise Awareness About The Negative Impact Of Stigma & Discrimination on People Who Use Drugs and their Families. Promote Evidence-Based Voluntary services for All People who Use Drugs. educate about Drug Use Disorders available treatments and the Importance of Early Intervention and Support. Empower Young People and Communities to Prevent Drug Use and Addiction. We Pledge that We will keep ourselves, Our Family and Our Loved Ones Away from Drugs and Enjoy a Hale and Hearty Life”– Pledge taken by the Participants 
    Mangaluru: Like they say “Age is Just a Number’, and if you are perfect and healthy enough to do all kinds of activities at that golden ripe age, here we had a young man who is just 92 years old, and while most of the Mangaloreans were still in bed cuddling with their partners or the pillows, being a lazy Sunday, however, our renowned musician, an alumnus of St Aloysius College, Mangaluru and former owner of Cascia Tile Factory, Mangaluru, all active and excited was present at the starting point of the marathon at Lourdes Central School Bejai, Mangaluru, to take part in the event ‘KUDLA RUNS for NO DRUGS’ Marathon held on Sunday, 3 December 2023.

92-year-old F M Lobo of Bejai, Mangaluru all set to Run in 45 plus Category of the Marathon

The educational hub of Mangaluru, comprising five universities, seven medical colleges, and over a dozen engineering colleges, apart from innumerable arts and science colleges, the drug menace has been increasing among the youth, and it is shocking to hear many youths getting caught for selling or consuming drugs/ganja. In January 2023, nine medicos including a medical doctor and a surgeon were arrested on charges of consuming and peddling Cannabis. The student population of Mangaluru is estimated to be more than fifty thousand in number, and they come from all over India.

Anxious parents across India and abroad read with disbelief that students of medicine and practitioners of medicine had degenerated into becoming drug peddlers. The question uppermost in the minds of everybody now is how many more are entrapped in the drug quagmire? Apart from youth, drug dependency can be seen in all occupations, educational levels, and socioeconomic classes, and it is the most prevalent of psychiatric disorders worldwide. It is one of the four crises of the 21st century that threatens public health, political and economic stability and social structures of many countries. In developing countries, due to the young population, addiction is one of the major problems encountered.

There are hardly any studies or surveys undertaken in Mangaluru, to assess the drug problem among the student population. However, from the several seizures affected by the Police and other agencies, an approximate assessment can be attempted. And one among many solutions to prevent drug abuse is through campaigns, awareness programmes, walkathons, and street plays. To bring awareness of the Drug menace in the City, and make Mangaluru Drug Free, the ‘Kudla Runs for No Drugs’ Marathon was organized by Father Muller Medical College, St Joseph Engineering College, and Lourdes Central School, in collaboration with SJEC Alumni Association, SJEC Foundation, Diocesan Commission for Health, on Sunday, 3 December 2023.

The Marathon included a 5K, 15K, Fun Run and Cyclothon aimed at raising awareness and promoting a drug-free lifestyle. The 5K /15K run was flagged off at St Joseph Engineering College at 6.30 am and 6.45 am; the Cyclothon was flagged off from Lourdes Central School at 7.30 am; and the Fun run was held at Father Muller Medical College ground at 7.45 am. The winners of the event were rewarded with exciting cash prizes/medals, with a total prize amount of Rs 3 lakhs. The valedictory of the marathon was held at FMMC at 8.30 am, with DCP (Law & Order) Siddarth Goyal as chief guest, joined by guests of honour Fr Ajith Menezes-Administrator, FMMC; Fr Robert D’souza- Principal, Lourdes Central school; Dr Rio D’souza- Principal, St Joseph Engineering College; Dr Antony Sylvan D’souza- Dean, FMMC; among others.

Addressing the gathering, DCP Siddarth Goyal said, “I’m very proud to be part of this 2nd great Marathon being organized in our vibrant city within 1 month for the noblest and much-needed cause of – Drug Awareness and Drug-Free Mangalore. It is a cause very dear to all of us. It is a cause that many of us take up as a personal challenge to do our bit in fighting this problem. Our dream is to eradicate the word “Drugs” spoken in its present connotation from the dictionary of Mangalore. Today I am thrilled to see all of you coming together this morning once again in support of this cause”

” Today, you were not just running; you are sprinting towards a safer, healthier Mangaluru. This run wasn’t just about reaching the finish line; it was about breaking free from the chains of drugs. As you ran shoulder to shoulder, you gave a powerful message – that in Mangaluru, we care for each other, support each other, and together, we can overcome any challenge. This marathon symbolizes our collective resilience, our collective will to fight and our collective commitment to make this City better in all respects. So, Mangalore let’s continue our run, run with all you have got, run without barriers and run together.” added DCP Goyal.

During the flag-off of Cyclotho, Gopalkrishna Bhat Police Inspector Kadri Traffic Police gave a brief talk to the cyclists as to how they should follow the traffic rules, wear helmets and not violate traffic rules. Fr J B Saldanha-parish priest of Bejai church; Police Inspector Somashekar of Kadri East police station, among others joined in the flag-off ceremony. The participants had warm-up Zumba sessions conducted by the Group Ex Fitness team members, Mangaluru, under Azeem, Nikita, Zabi and Harsh, who kept the young and the old on their feet with some unique dance moves.

Father Muller Medical College Administrator, Fr Ajith B Menezes, proposed the vote of thanks, and the event was meticulously and eloquently compered by Dr Chandralekha- Asst Professor, Pharmacology; and Dr Rithesh D’cunha- Professor, Anaesthesiology, both of FMMC. Together, we can make a difference in making the Education Hub-Mangaluru a DRUG-FREE CITY! It’s Everyone’s Job to make the upbringing of the next generation – A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE. As Johann Hari Says – THE OPPOSITE OF ADDICTION IS NOT SOBRIETY – THE OPPOSITE OF ADDICTION IS CONNECTION


Category 5K, 15-45 years (Men)

First: Changappa A B
Second: Govinda Raj
Third: Yashwanth K

15K run, (Women’s category)

First: Archana K M
Second: Chandana Kalita
Third: Pranamya N

5K run, 15-45 years (Women)

First: Chaithra Devadiga
Second: Smitha
Third: Roopashree

5K run, above 45 years (Men)

First: H A Chinnappa
Second: Ganesh T H
Third: Chandrashekar A

5k run, above 45 years (Women)

First: B H Vidya
Second: Beena Fernandes
Third: Sheela Castelino

15k run, category – Men

First: Vaibhav Patil
Second: Shreedhara
Third: Nithin

5K run below 15 years (Girls)

First: Anjali Santhosh
Second: Shruthi Abbanneppa Sharabi
Third: Priyank Maruthi Bhajanthri

5K run below 15 years (Boys)

First: Samarth
Second: Santhosh
Third: Hashwal

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