A Big Win for Aloysians! Government Puts Stay on Renaming Road

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A Big Win for Aloysians! Government Puts Stay on Renaming Rd

Mangaluru: It could be the blessings of their Patron Saint St Aloysius Gonzaga, or could be the efforts of politicians, including State Minister, MLC, a MLA and a bunch of influential persons that the Jesuit Priests have won the battle, with the State Government putting a stay order until further discussions, on the inaugural ceremony of renaming “St Aloysius College Road” to “Mulky Sundararama Shetty Road” which was organized by the Vijaya Bank Workers Organization, scheduled for Sunday, 2 July 2017 at 10 am at Vijaya Bank Regional Office premises located on”St Aloysius College Road?”, Mangaluru.

In this regard a meeting was called by DC Dr Jagadeesh at his chamber today, 1 July at 4 pm, where representatives from St Aloysius College and reps from Vijaya Bank Workers’ Organization attended. When the bank reps heard the news from DC that the government has put a stay order on the inaugural programme, they all walked out within few minutes of their participation, since they couldn’t bear the defeat in this case.

Addressing the SAC delegates, DC Dr Jagadeesh said, “The bank workers organization had the full rights to organise the inaugural programme of renaming the road, since they had all the legal documents. But since later a few facts arose in this regard, and also that the project was undertaken by a part organisation of the Bank, and was not a government project, the state authorities decided to put a stay order on this renaming of the road, until further discussions etc. I too was not planning on attending the programme. I will oversee an amicable solution between the two parties, failing which SAC will proceed to the court. A future date of meeting to discuss this issue will be finalised soon”.

Sudhakar Nayak- DGM of Vijaya Bank, Regional Office Mnagaluru speaking during the meeting said, “We the current employees have nothing to do with the programme arranged by the Bank Workers’ Organisation. We have high respect for St Aloysius College, and we will never involve ourselves in such controversial projects. We hope that the management, staff and students of SAC are happy with the stay order from the govt. in this respect. Let us all live in harmony and in unity.”

Following is the Stay Order Copy from the Secretary of State:

Fr Praveen Martis Sj, the Principal of St Aloysius College (Autonomous) speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “I would like to thank everyone- the Jesuit Fathers, staff, students, SAACA members, members of MCC Civic Forum (group), alumni of SAC well-wishers and general public who had supported on our fight. Our efforts don’t end here, we will proceed further to see that this road remains still as ‘St Aloysius College Road’. I thank Team Mangalorean who have stood by us and giving wide coverage. Thank you all. Long live St Aloysius Institution”.

Members of SAACA , Jesuit priests and teaching staff of SAC attended the meeting with DC.

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  1. It’s a great news for us all. Let’s be more united and continue to collaborate with Vijaya Bank as SAC always did. We respect the words of Current employees of Vijaya Bank, “We the current employees have nothing to do with the programme arranged by the Bank Workers’ Organisation.” Thank you for taking the side of justice. Long Live peace and harmony.

  2. Good news. Things are looking up. Hope they will keep the name as it is.

  3. Simply awesome that a issue is solved in a peaceful manner. Thanks Mangalorean.com and specially Alfie Dsouza for giving wide coverage daily as the issue progressed. Yes, we are all Aloysians. A Aloysian is always a Aloysian! That’s true. Long live our Alma Mater.

  4. St Aloysius Institution, Mangaluru which began as a small institution serving a few hundred students for the last 137 years, has today grown into a complex educational enterprise, with various units scattered all over two sprawling campuses, where more than 14,000 students, boys and girls pursue their studies in various disciplines. St Aloysius Institutions seek to establish a congenial environment in which those of diverse cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs can participate in the community, in the spirit of co- operation and mutual respect. While the purpose of education at SAC is that every student who passes the portals of this College learns to attain fullness of life not merely by amassing information, but also by transforming into persons with concern and commitment to the marginalized of our society.

    Proud to be a Alumni of this great institution. Thank you Jesuit Fathers for your education, training and love.

  5. Right action at the right time by our catholic community! Always seek justice along with peace! Time to show our rights to our country fellowmen and be recognized, otherwise our catholic population will be left with no rights. We and our honorable institutions are only chewed upon.

  6. One of the oldest colleges, one of the top 40 in the nation in academic excellence. Changing the road name from St. Aloysius college road to Mulky Sundararama Shetty road, what an unrighteousness and self-centered action is that? Can some other road be named after him to honor him?

  7. It was the efforts of all Aloysians, SAC alumni’s, present students, staff and Jesuit priests that this battle was WON, and not just because of intervention of one person. Great job guys- let St Aloysius College live long. Thanks Mangalporean.com for keeping us posted on the progress of this issue.

  8. There is a memorial to Late Sundaram Shetty just adjacent to the NH 66 near Mulky. It is forgotten and in a very dilapidated condition… he should not be forgotten. I suggest the VIJAYA BANK employees first restore that monument and honour him.

  9. I think, renaming the road as lighthouse road can be still acceptable to all

  10. Very good coverage from Mangalorean.com, and Mr Alfie Dsouza. We all support this cause

  11. Congratulations dear Management,staff and students for your efforts to retain the name of St Aloysius road.Thanks to all who helped in various ways.

  12. With due respect to all, I think Aloysius College is the main reason for making Mangaluru what it is today by providing quality education to about a million students in its 137-year-old history and is known throughout the world. Comparing Mount Everest to Hat Hill doesn’t make any sense. But other reasons like naming the road to MSS road because of the government order and their efforts since many years, college authorite=ies sleeping until the last movement etc are valied. Frankly speaking, myself, my friends or people with whom I have inquired have never heard of MSS until this issue has popped up. Someone here said he is “God and saviour of many poor and drown trodden families”. Kindly provide the figures “many” is how many? so that we all can get a clear picture of his good work and recognise MSS for that.

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