A Eulogy For my Father

This article is in memory of my father, Joseph Pinto, born in Mangalore, India to the late Mr. Emmanuel Pinto and late Mrs. Piad Pinto.

It was a great shock to me to lose my father, Joe Pinto. He died young, at the age of 56, from a heart attack. Nothing can prepare someone for such an event. The support from friends and family has been a tremendous source of strength throughout this difficult time. This comes as just as much a shock to those who knew him as it did to me, as he always active and full of life. Trying to rationalize its occurrence has only brought more questions than answers. 

My friends and relatives knew my father to be a gentle, cheerful and friendly man. But I would like to tell you about my father, a man that I knew and loved as his daughter, as seen through my eyes and felt in my heart.

I never saw my father as just my father. I saw him as my best friend. From my earliest days, I can remember my hand in his, as he walked by my side, always speaking constant words of encouragement and support. I am sure if you were to ask my father what his proudest accomplishment was in life, he would say it was his family. My father always strongly believed that family should come first. And as his only child, I benefited much from that philosophy. My father poured all his love and energy into me during my most formative years and I know that I am where I am today because of his love and devotion. Everything I have achieved in this life and will achieve is really his achievement.

I think that my mother would agree with me when I say that my father was much like a big kid. He had a child like enthusiasm for life. He loved riding roller coasters, loved riding his bike, loved playing Playstation, and loved traveling. He loved his toys, especially when it involved computers. And yet, every time life would throw us one of its challenges, I would see that there was more to my dad than his happy go lucky self. There was also a steely determination and grit. 

As a young man in his 20s, my father left India to make a better life for his family in the Middle East. And when the Gulf war happened, he left the Middle East to make a better life for his family in Canada. At each of these points, when my dad started a new life, he did it in a country where he knew nobody and knew nothing. I often wondered about the kind of motivation my father had that enabled him to endure many hardships. At a young age, I realized that what motivated my father was his desire to provide the best for his family. He did nothing for himself. But he did everything for us. His sense of devotion and dedication to his family has always seemed nothing short of amazing to me.

The sudden loss of my father has been extremely painful for us but I think that in the coming years, the memories of the pain will fade and what I will remember the most is the legacy my father left me ? his passion and curiosity for life, his thirst for adventure and knowledge, his sense of direction and forward thinking and most important of all, a role model on being a good parent and an outstanding individual. These are his greatest gifts that will remain with my family and me for all times. 

My father’s life has always been within us, his wife and his child. And because of this, my father still lives. 

I know he hears me when I say..
Thank you Dad for all your sacrifices. 
I will love you forever and always. 
God Bless You.

Author: Tanya Pinto- Canada