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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

A Eulogy For my Father

This article is in memory of my father, Joseph Pinto, born in Mangalore, India to the late Mr. Emmanuel Pinto and late Mrs. Piad...

A Balancing Act

I was led into a large boardroom and asked to sit anywhere I wanted. I thought it would be best if I sat across...

A Hairy Flaw

I had not seen Smita since her vacation to India.  I remember her being very excited about her trip.  She had not seen her...

Mixing A Marriage

I am always astounded whenever I hear Vijay?s opinions. They always seem to be out of the Dark ages.  Certainly on many occasions after...

Nisha’s Marriage

?Guess what?? my friend asked me excitedly over the phone.  ?Nisha is getting married!? she said rapidly, not even waiting for my response to...

Daddy’s Girl

There were only three lines written in the e-mail from one of my best friends.  ?Call Lina.  Her father had a heart attack.  He...

A Career Clown

I have not been in Toronto for a while now and now that I am back for a few weeks, there have been many...

Out of Left Field

It is interview time for admission into medical school.  Interviews always tend to be a time of angst and anxiety.  Some of the questions...

The 3 C’s

?If my husband treated me as if it was Valentine?s Day every day I would be a much happier person,? pronounced Mrs. Beck after...

Laura’s Future

I received an e-mail from Laura the other day.  She said she was coming down to Kingston for a leadership high-school seminar, and she...

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