A Little Angel’s Story

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I was a small boy studying in the fifth standard. I was 10 years old. My father and mother were very simple and loving. They taught me to look up everyday and see God up there. I looked, though I saw no one there. During daytime whenever I looked up I saw only the Sun. But I could not look at him because my eyes were full of tears whenever I looked up.  So I requested my father and mother to allow me to look up at night. They said "ok". I felt so happy that I got their permission to go out at night and look at the sky. I was scared of the night but my father said: "Don’t be afraid. I am here." At times I asked my mother to come with me. She held my hand. I felt so happy at that time. I was not afraid. I looked up. But I did not see God. I saw only the beautiful Moon and stars. "Mummy, where is God?" I asked her. She did not tell me "Look. He is there." I wanted to hear those words from her but she did not speak. She only held my hand. "You can’t see him with the naked eye. He is beyond those clouds." I remember her saying this to me.

I was happy to look up. I only wished that I could go beyond those clouds. I even asked my father to take me up there with my mother. "I will take you there one day. Now let’s go and sleep" he would say to me. Then the three of us went in and I slept between my father and mother. I felt so happy and safe.

One night I saw God in a dream. He looked so beautiful. He was full of light, shining more than the Sun. There were many beautiful angels near Him. They were waving their white wings and singing hymns and falling at His feet. He touched all of them. I wished if I were there with my father and mother. I wanted God to touch me too. I stood at the entrance door. He saw me and said "come". I jumped with joy and ran near Him. He took me into His arms. Yes He touched me. He kissed me. I felt so happy. I wanted to stay there with Him and see those beautiful angels. I wanted to be a little angel. Suddenly I saw nothing. It was dark again. Where was I? I felt so sad. When I slowly opened my eyes, I saw my mother’s hand around me. I drew closer to her. I felt very warm in her embrace. I closed my eyes again.

After this, I did not dream the same dream again. Every night I longed to see the same dream. But it did not come back to me. I learnt all my lessons well and I passed.

Now I was in the sixth standard. One evening when I came home from school, I saw many people gathered near our house. My father was crying. There were tears in his eyes. He at once took me into his arms and wept. I did not know why so many people had come to our house. I asked my father "Where is Mummy?" He said nothing. He only hugged me and wept. I saw my uncle and aunt who were standing there. They were crying too. Why was everyone crying near our house? What had gone wrong? I asked my Dad again "Dad, where is Mummy?"  "Mummy has gone to see God." He replied. "Dad, I want to go with her." "No my son. You can’t go there now." "Then tell me Dad. When can I go?" "We can go there when He calls us." "Dad, can we all go together?" "No, my son. We can’t go there together. He calls one by one. Only then can we go there". "Dad, I want my Mummy. I want to see her." "God has called her my son." "Dad. I want to go with my Mom too". He did not say anything. He only wept.

""…I felt sorry I did not say bye to Dad. But I was happy to be with my Mom forever.

I slept that night with my Dad. My Mummy was not there. I felt very sad. I cried a lot. My pillow was wet. My Dad would put his arms around me but I missed my Mom. I wanted to see her only once. Then I would be happy. I could not sleep. My eyes were wide open. I didn’t know when I closed my eyes.

I wanted to dream again. I wanted to see my Mom. I quietly got up and went out. This time Dad and Mom were not with me. I was not afraid. I stood in the open and looked up. My joy knew no bounds. My Mummy came down flying. She was draped in a blue sari. She looked so beautiful. Her face had so much light. Slowly, slowly she came down with outstretched arms to hug me. I jumped with joy. Quickly I ran to the nearby tree and climbed it. I then climbed one branch after another until I reached the top. Then I jumped, my feet now in the air. I threw my arms up when I saw my Mom so close. But I was going down with great speed instead of going up. I got frightened and I cried for help. I fell on a rock beneath the tree. My hands and feet were paining but severe pain was in my head. It was bleeding. My Mom came down in that blue sari and finally she took me in her arms. I wanted to stay there for a hundred years, a thousand years. "Mummy" I cried. "My son" she said, "do not cry" and she wiped my tears. She cuddled me to her. Then she took me with her very high. We flew like the angels. She took me above the clouds. We saw the Moon and stars. We passed them by and flew very high. I felt very happy. I was going to see God with my Mom. I felt sorry I did not say bye to Dad. But I was happy to be with my Mom forever.

Author: Cyril Vas- Bangalore

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