Aditya: A Rising Star of Kannada Film Industry

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Aditya: A Rising Star of Kannada Film Industry

Dubai Nov 14: Aditya, an established and handsome actor in the Kannada film industry, who became the youngest producer in Karnataka at the age of just 23 years, was recently in Dubai.

Aditya was born on May 4th in the year 1978. His father is S V Rajendra Singh (Director of Kannada Films) and Mother Anuradha(hailing from Puttur). Aditya was educated at St Joseph’s School, Mysore until high school, then he moved with his parents to Bangalore and joined St. Joseph’s Arts And Science College Bangalore. He completed his graduation here.

Aditya’s career began when he was 21 years old. During this time he was a ramp model in Bombay and started to get offers from the film industry. He produced 7 films, and he won the national award for his film “Mungarina Minchu”. When he produced this film he was just 23 years old and he was also the youngest producer in Karnataka who bagged an award for this film. Subsequently, he joined the Kishore Namith Kapoor Acting School and there he trained to act in films. Soon after this, he started acting in films.

He made his debut with “Love” which was directed by his father, and has also acted in “AK47”. Then came “Deadly Soma” which is his best-loved and hit story. It’s a true story he says. Then he performed in “Ambi”, “Mohini” (both films ran for 100 days). He is now under the production of 2 films, namely “Kshana Kshana”, “Ishwara” with the director Mr. Om Prakash. His friend Darshan and himself are doing a film called “Sneha na Preethi na” which is scheduled for release on 16th January 2007.

Speaking to Aditya said, “I want to learn the Production values and direction before becoming a director. My first film “Love” shot in Dubai and Mohanlal and Ambarish Puri were present and my father was directing that movie.”

About his achievements, he says so far he has not achieved much, but he wants to achieve something more than what his father has achieved.

His ambition is to ultimately be known as a good actor and to build a huge and beautiful film city (studio) in his grandfather’s name. He speaks very good Konkani and he proudly says that his grandparents and mother is from Puttur.

When asked about his relationship with senior actors and directors he has this to say – “It’s a thrilling experience to look at them and learn from them. It’s also a very good experience working with them and my comfort level is very good in this working relationship. At first, I was a bit uncomfortable while working with my co-actress (heroin) but not anymore”. Proudly he adds that from his first film to his eleventh one he has enjoyed a lot working with his seniors and directors and has also been lucky to have the very best set of directors, from his father to Sunil Kumar Desai.

He is very sad that Kannada Films are not recognized at the International Level. “Perhaps because the Kannada Film Industry is a small Industry that has limited directors and limited budgets, so within that budget we have to do our films. Given infrastructure, we are trying to come up. And Kannada Film stars are the real hero’s who are fighting back with other hero’s mainly Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and so on.”

His message to youngsters “Don’t waste your time because once the time has gone it will never come back. Instead of wasting time better to proceed with your career. Respect your parents because parents can guide you in the best possible way. Never forget to brighten your parent’s name and make them feel proud of you.”

His message to the readers of, “Watch Kannada movies and encourage all the Kannada film stars. Give importance to Kannada and help in the growth of the Kannada Film Industry.”

This is Aditya’s awakening call for all Gulf Kannadigas to try their best to release and support more Kannada Films Overseas. He feels this is the only way we can help to bring Kannada Movies to the International Level.

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