A New Dawn

A New Dawn

I set about clearing my cupboard
To arrange things which matter to me
And do away with those
That do nothing but lie there simply

There were some parcels and packets
of seeds and dried flowers
I will start my dream garden some day
Oh, I do believe in nature??s healing powers

A handful of papers big and small
With numbers and facts scribbled in pen
Can??t figure out what they are now
Though they meant a lot then

I saw some interesting trinkets 
A color clip and a magic plastic spring
Oh, how would I throw any of them away?
Cannot forget the joys they bring

And then, I found her tucked inside
My cute childhood playmate
With chubby cheeks, little arms and stout legs
And her big black eyes looking at me straight

She took me to my childhood days
When life seemed liked a dance
Games, friends and laughter all the way
Remembered all, as I stood in a trance

As I kept ruing the time gone by
Suddenly her eyes had me glued
She seemed to say past is past
Live in the NOW and don??t you brood

Your earlier days were new then
They are mere memory now
Today will soon be gone too
Make this memorable, let me tell you how

Live with joy, feel calm and free
Be at peace, and of good cheer
Wherever you are, keep spreading
The message of love, loud and clear

That had me sitting down to think
Life is not in the bygone
Every day ends for sure some time
For every dusk there is a new dawn

Life is not in the bygone
For every  dusk there is a new dawn

       Deepa Dumblekar

Author: Deepa Dumblekar