A quiet beginning of 2015 for Big B

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Mumbai, Jan 1 (IANS) Megastar Amitabh Bachchan welcomed 2015 on a quiet noteat his residence here.

“It has been a most quiet bringing in…an empty home without the kids and the cheer of the family voices, shrill and excited as the hours become one. At times I feel it to be a blessing – these normal and quiet evenings,” the 72-year-old posted on his official blog srbachchan.tumblr.com.

The actor, who lives with his family in Jalsa, also pointed out that with new year comes new anticipations, goals and aspirations.

“Days change, months change, year changes as well…one of the years is left behind and the anticipation of the next takes over…wishes flow out for the burial of one and the birth of another new…its like life regenerating itself… life as in the life of humans,” he further posted.

The “Paa” star also pondered over the change in the mediums used to greet each other with technology revolution.

“One has seen and been through those routines for years! It was first the letters that one wrote to wish the new year, written weeks in advance because of the time it took, to reach its desired destination on time – the 1st of January !!

“Then the telephone discovered means of connecting the voice and giving those letters an audio sound…! Mobiles came next and the ease of connecting while crossing a street in the middle of no where…and today we connect on FaceTime and Skype, to see each other and virtually wish out…What next on this communication agenda ??” he wrote on his blog.

The actor forayed on the small screen with fictional show “Yudh” in 2014. But the bygone year was a low-lying year for Amitabh in Hindi filmdom with just one release “Bhoothnath Returns”.

For 2015, the star has an impressive line-up with movies like “Piku”, “Wazir” and “Shamitabh”.

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