A Seal in the circus

""Name: Janice Mascarenhas
Age: 8 Years
Place of Residence: Abu Dhabi
School:  IV Standard,  Leens School Abu Dhabi
Name of Father: Francis Mascarenhas
Name of Mother: Manisha Mascarenhas

We are three children to our parents and I am the second child in the family.   My elder brother Gregory is in 8th Standard, studies in Abu Dhabi Indian School.  My younger brother Noel is in K.G II  studying in Leens School.


My name is Janice and I am studying in Grade IV at Leens School Abu Dhabi.  I like to admire the birds and animals because they  have been created by God.  I have visited the Zoo in Al Ain along with my parents and brothers and spent a long time admiring the animals and birds.

I  took part in the colouring competition organized by  Tiffany and Mangalorean.com a few days back and won the second prize in the Junior category.  Hope you like the seal balancing a ball on his nose.