A World’s Crooked City Road Once Completed?

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A World’s Crooked City Road Once Completed?

Once the road stretch between Horticulture-Balmatta Circle/Collector’s Gate gets completed, it would probably be one of the “World’s Unique and Crooked Road?”. Imagine still continuing on constructing a new road when there a few stay orders from couple of residents and businesses existing on this stretch.,. This road will be Broad-Narrow-Broad-Narrow-Broad………and will be simply a nightmare for motorists and pedestrians.

Mangaluru: Where is the Mayor? Where is the DC? Where is the Ward Corporator? Where are the PWD and District Administration Authorities? Has anyone done a proper planning while taking up the construction work of the new road between Bendore Horticulture-Balmatta/Collector’s Gate Circle- the construction plan of this project is in total mess. Imagine carrying on with the road work in spite of couple of stay orders put by two Catholic residents and couple of businesses on this stretch. As per managing partner -Mohammed Munaz aka “Munna” of Munna Constructions which is undertaking this road construction, who last time speaking to Team Mangalorean said, ” Although we have couple of stay orders by residents/business owners living on this stretch of road urging us not to touch their property while constructing the road, we will not hold back our work . We will still build the road around their property by not damaging their property. It may look odd, but we have no other option when residents raise objection only after we have started the work”.

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Well said by Munaz!- the road will surely look odd and crooked when the complete work is done. It won’t make any sense to have a new road broad at couple of places and quite narrow at couple of areas on the stretch. Just look at the pictures, you will know what I am talking about? The road will be narrow in front of the two residents and two businesses who have put a stay order. So what good is it to have a new road which is not uniform throughout the stretch. Just look at the completed new Bendore-Mallikatta Road which was also undertaken by Munna Constructions- the road is broad starting near Vas Bakery, and going further it becomes very narrow near a residence/medical centre-who have a case still pending against the road widening. And as of today, the portion of this road still remains narrow. Indeed a “Incredible Shrinking Road?”

Also with all these stay orders, chances are that Horticulture-Collector’s Gate may take a while to complete, which will surely put the businesses on this stretch in loses, and also causing lots of inconveniences to motorists, since it is a busy and most used road. It’s simply a chaos at the moment, with all this road work going on- and the traffic police department strictly not enforcing as one-way road presently, there has been traffic congestion all the time. Does anyone care about it? Definitely NO! Why allow traffic on both ways when one side of the side is closed for road work. Does it make any sense? When we have senseless officials in the administration, that’s what happens. Hard earned tax-payers money wasted on bad planning of roads, foot-paths, drainage etc.

Yes, in Mangaluru lately we have been seeing new roads being constructed-the road widening was proposed as a solution to the traffic congestion in this growing city with lots of traffic and commuters. India’s education hub, Mangaluru has an abundance of charms but its roads and traffic are not among them. The roads are narrow and the network woefully scanty, despite the fast-paced growth and exploding vehicle population in this city. Roads are so wretched that helpless residents can only make light of the misery by creating pothole-counting face-offs and crater-measuring contests. But when they decide to build new roads, they are not planned proper.

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In conclusion, through a deadly combination of a lack of expertise, bad planning, as well as rampant corruption. MCC should lay some standards that will set the paradigm for future road works. MCC authorities should inspect and supervise when the road work is going on. If not, it will be business as usual. Roads will continue to be laid and relaid while money will leak out and line the pockets of corrupt politicians and officials. As promised by “Munna”, let’s also keep our hopes that this new Balmatta Road, which is a busy road used by motorists and commuters, will be completed by August end or so-but very doubtful, looking at the present situation.

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  1. “Where is the mayor? Where is the DC? Where is….” goes on the question.

    I full agree that we should make every attempt to give a pass to local MLA who doesn’t deserve any criticism. I still don’t know why he was elected or what exactly are his responsibilities. Well, it doesn’t matter. I hope that the same logic continues when a BJP MLA gets elected in future. Mangaluru is really a smaaaaaaaart city.

  2. Dear Alfie,

    You are the true son of the soil – a concerned patriot, be it garbage, potholes, or badly engineered roads.

    However, so long as you do not make an effort and become the District In-Charge of Mangalore, nothing
    will change.

    Constructing badly engineered roads, pavements and drainage in India is a big business – first to the Contractors and then to the Ministers who are in authority. It calls for Redoing what is already done – something like Research. In India, even for basic needs such as a garbage bin or a bus shelter, an MLA has to come forward to take credit.

    Where is the former MLC, Mr. Ivan D’souza – who is now appointed as THE WHIP for bad management – approach him and get things right so long as he is in the driver’s seat!

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