New Scheme ‘Suicide Bhagya’ From Congress – BJP Mahila Morcha

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New Scheme ‘Suicide Bhagya’ From Congress – BJP Mahila Morcha

Mangaluru: The BJP Mahila Morcha staged a protest against harassment by the state government on women officers, in front of the DC office here, on July 11.

President of the Mahila Morcha, Sulochana G K Bhat said that the people of the state are leading a fearful life. “Day-by-day murders, suicides, corruption and illegal activities are increasing. Many youths are getting involved in the drug mafia. But the Congress government is deaf and mute. Some politicians are also involved with corrupt officers in illegal activities.”

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She further said, “The Congress government led by Siddaramaiah gives advertisements on TV channels projecting themselves as ‘Nudidanthe Nadeva Sarakara’, but in reality, it is the opposite. The first victim of harassment was DK Ravi; he committed suicide. Later, DySP Kallappa committed suicide and now DySP Ganapathi, who was an honest police officer, ended his life because of harassment by the former home minister K J George. DySP Anupama Shenoy was also harassed by minister Parameshwar Naik, which led to her resignation from the post.” Recently, the DC of Mysuru was also threatened by Marigowda, who is very close to the CM. “Is this a nudidanthe nadeva sarakara?” she questioned.

Sulochana also said that before committing suicide, DySP Ganapathi had gone to a local TV channel in Madikeri and given a statement that he was harassed by the former home minister and two other officers. “Ganapathi’s family members went to the police station with the ‘dying declaration’ to file a case but the case has not been registered so far. Why is the CM trying to protect K J George even after all the evidence is against him? How many more police officers have to sacrifice their lives to get justice? The Congress government has given ‘suicide bhagya’ to honest officers,” she added.

Sulochana also stressed that senior Congress leader Janardhan Poojary in a press meet had questioned on why the CM was protecting George. “Poojary is demanding a resignation from K J George but till now, no case has been filed against him. Instead, the Chief minister is asking all the ministers to support K J George.”

The BJP Mahila Morcha demands the resignation from K J George. “If he does not resign, CM Siddaramaiah should drop him from the cabinet and the case will be handed over to CBI.” She also said that there are more honest politicians who are working for the welfare of the state. “Let them get the post of a minister instead of retaining corrupt ministers.”

Corporator Roopa D Bangera said that law and order in the state has been collapsed. “Those who are providing safety and security are forced to commit suicide. If the police officers who are honest and transparent commit suicide, what will be the fate of common man?” she questioned. “The Siddaramaiah government has failed to retain honest police officers. The Congress government has implemented “suicide bhagya” for honest officers,” she said demanding that the case is handed over to the CBI as the CID is a state-run investigation agency. She also said that all Congress leaders have maintained silence in DySP Ganapathi suicide case, which creates doubt that all the political leaders are involved in this case.

District BJP president Sanjeev Matandoor, Umanath Kotian, ZP President Meenakshi Shanthigodu, Mallika Prasad and others were also present.

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  1. The illiterates on this forum should look at the the following two incidents and tell me if they see any hypocrisy!!!

    When Rohit Vemula unfortunately took his own life, he wrote – “This is my decision and I am the only one responsible for this.” Still, Congress and stenographers in media called it a ‘murder by Modi and Smriti Iraani’!!!!

    Now we have another tragic case of DySP Ganapathi’s suicide. He clearly put the blame on Congress govt and a minister. Still, Congress is trying to blame this on his ‘family issues’ while stenographers are hiding under tables!!!!

  2. Sulocana
    Just answer a question Why didn’t your group protest when Common people & nuns were attacked by your Government by the same DYSP?

  3. Politicising any death is a most horrible and shameful thing. Only abnormal minds are capable of indulging in such inhuman acts. But then these people have a history of politicising deaths. Their arguments fall flat in the wake of one of their own men committing suicide in Haleangadi and another abetting the suicide of another Inspector.

  4. Suresha Bhatta seems to be a true follower of Congress party. See how he tries to politicize death (Haleangadi case) while blaming BJP of doing the same!!!! LOL He also doesn’t seem to remember Vemula suicide case and how Congress/Left parties politicized it to score points over BJP.

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