‘Aaa Vai Jaa Saa’-the 1st Konkani Children’s Film

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‘Aaa Vai Jaa Saa’-the 1st Konkani Children’s Film

‘Aaa Vai Jaa Saa’-the First Konkani Children’s Film directed by veteran and renowned Konkani Film Director Dr K Ramesh Kamath will be screened at Big Cinemas at Bharath Mall on August 9, 10 and 11, 2016 – and the best part is that public can watch it for FREE. Also for the first time in the history of America, this Konkani film was the only one to be screened in Atlanta, Georgia-USA during the “Konkani Samelan 2016” held in July 2016, where nearly 3000 Konkani delegates participated.. ‘Aaa Vai Jaa Saa’ stands for Aaadhyatmik, Vaignanik, Jaatyateeth and Saamajik. The movie, concerned with the holistic development and progress of the new generation, highlights the need for spiritual, social and cultural growth and progress of the youngsters.

Mangaluru: Addressing the media persons during the press meet held at Mangalore Press Club, veteran Konkani film director, Dr K Ramesh Kamath said, ” I am happy to inform you all that the first ever Konkani children’s film “Aaa Vai Jaa Saa” directed by me is ready and will be screened at Big Cinemas, located at Bharath Mall in the city on August 9, 10 and 11, 2016, and as a gift from me to you all, everyone can watch it for free during these three days. The film had incurred a cost of Rs 25 lakhs, then why am I not charging the viewers – because the government has allotted Rs15 lakhs, while the rest of expenses will be raised through other sources. This would be my last film since I am getting old, only 65 years young and but going strong with all your prayers and blessings”.

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He further said, “The film shooting started on 18th April 2016 at Kallianpur/Udupi with shooting done at various places like Bengaluru, Goa, Mysuru, Mumbai, Mangaluru and other scenic locations. is now under the process of post production. ‘Aaa Vai Jaa Saa’ stands for ‘Aaadhyatmik, Vaignanik, Jaatyateeth and Saamajik’. The movie, concerned with the holistic development and progress of the new generation, highlights the need for spiritual, social and cultural growth and progress of the youngsters. The movie is informative, educative as also entertaining and is packed with fun and frolic including dance, puppetry and yakshagana. There are over 45 artists and Konkani dialects from Karnataka, Kerala, Maharastra and Goa in the film. The leading child artistes are Sarthak Shenoy, Shreyas Kamath, Samarth Shenoy and Spandana Pai. I am hoping in winning many state, national and international awards for this film”.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Dr Kamath said, “Konkani is a sweet language and it is my mother tongue. I tried to bring in the beauty of the language in one film. There are English subtitles as I didn’t want the film to be restricted to only the Konkani speaking population. I have written many Konkani books including ‘Bharath Puracho Bharath Masthar’ published by Kerala Konkani Academy. In 1980, I produced and directed the very first Saraswat Konkani movie ‘Jana Mana’. It was the first Konkani movie to be telecast nationally on Doordarshan. Regarding ‘Aaa Vai Jaa Saa’ I want the film to be screened free of cost for the viewers because I want the film to reach as many people as possible .The film will inspire the younger generation of the Konkani community, and I also hope that the children of our country will adopt “Aaa Vai Jaa Saa’ principles and create a better peaceful society”.

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” Konkani being my mother tongue, I have always indebted to that language because I was taught everything in my life through this language by my parents in my childhood days. Everyone should love their country, state, mother tongue and fulfill the obligations towards these things. As an obligation to my mother tongue, I had produced the first Saraswathi Konkani film ‘Jana Mana’. Konkani being a minority language in India, any film production in this language is not commercially viable due to lack of audience. Just sheer love towards my mother tongue and to inspire younger generation I ventured into this project associating with Film India Productions.” added Dr Ramesh Kamath.

More than 45 children and 15 leading Konkani artistes participated in the film and every artiste has given their best performance. Four leading child artistes symbolically represent the Spiritual, Scientific, Secular and Social aspects of the society (that is what Aaa Vai Jaa Saa means i.e, Adhyatmik, Vaignanik, Jaatyateeth and Samajik). Dr Ramesh Kamath – the director himself has acted as Guru Satya Swami symbolizing the TRUTH.

Vasudha Prabhu from Mumbai and Kodiyalichi Ms.Zita Usha Fernandes have acted as model principal and model headmistress of a model school. Tulu film stalwart Gopinath Bhat and Kundapur’s well-known artistes Satish Kullappa Pai, and Santosh Kullappa pai and Dinesh Prabhu (Jana Mana Konkani film fame) have appeared in the movie in very special characters. International fame magician Om Ganesh has acted superbly as a religious head, Mr.& Mrs. P R Nayak from Bengaluru performed as religious Muslim couple. Atharva and Kamakshi of Merces have also participated in this film.

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The film has one patriotic song and music is composed by Diwan Giridhar and playback singers are well known classical Konkani singers – Ms.Mahalakshmi Shenoy and Shankar Shanbhogue. Aaa VaiJaa Saa film tries to mould the younger generation of the society to become future great citizens and leaders emphasizing the idea of national integration. The story comprises of both imaginary incidents and real life stories of people engaged in social service.

The highlight of the film is about an institution SNEHALAYA run by the social worker Joseph Crasta, who himself acted in the movie and narrates his own life story to inspire children to engage in social service activities. Vedamurthy Chempi Ramachandra Bhat’s Gindi Dance , Kogga Bhaskar Kamaths Puppetry and Children’s Yakshagana are all highlights of the Movie. The film is shot in the beautiful locations of Kallianpur forest, river banks, St.Mary’s Island, Kapu beach etc using helicam (Drone) to have the panoramic aerial shots of nature which will be liked by one and all. Other scenes for the film have also been shot in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Mysuru, Goa and other places.

Camera work by Ramesh Koira, editing by Anil and Digital interface(DI) by Mathew are all the highlights of the movie. The film will be digitally made as CinemaScope and will have DTS sound recording for stereophonic sound effects in the theatre. The film is produced under the banner of Film India Productions, and the duration of the film is 73.22 minutes. A special screening of this film for the journos, well-wishers and VIP’s is scheduled for 6 August 2016. For more details contact : 9845193432; email : aavaijaasaa@gmail.com

Gopinath Bhat (actor), Zita Usha Fernandes (Actress), Dinesh Prabhu and Prakash Shenoy were present during the press meet.

With inputs from Zita Usha Fernandes

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