AAP attacks Shah for law & order situation in Delhi

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AAP attacks Shah for law & order situation in Delhi
New Delhi:  Aam Aadmi Party’s national spokesperson Ajoy Kumar has said the law and order is in an “absolute pathetic condition” in the national capital and blamed the BJP for it saying either Home Minister Amit Shah is “totally incompetent” or “hand in glove” for creating such an environment.

Speaking to IANS, he also accused the BJP of creating law and order issue in Delhi to postpone the February 8 Assembly elections.

“The law and order is in an absolute pathetic condition. People wear masks and beat up students in the JNU. Now a guy goes to Jamia and opens fire. This has happened first time in India that a crime is committed on Facebook live. So, either Amit Shah is totally incompetent or he is hand in glove with creating such an environment.”

Kumar said it was “shocking” that the man opened fire while the police was “watching”.

“Normally, if anyone removes a pistol, the police immediately takes position and pick up their arms warning of shooting if you don’t put the pistol down. It was as if the guy was walking in the market,” said Kumar, the former IPS officer.

Kumar was referring to the man who opened fire at the students protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) on Thursday, injuring one of the Jamia students.

Kumar said the BJP is trying to postpone the February 8 Assembly elections by creating the law and order issue.

“They know they are being wiped out in the elections and so they are trying to postpone the elections,” he told IANS.

The former IPS officer said the party’s stand is very clear on the CAA.

“We have voted against the CAA and we have always said that we oppose it. But at the end of the day, we think and feel strongly that it is a law which is bad. It is against the foundations of the county.”

On the protests across the nation against the law, the former Lok Sabha MP said they support the right to protest as long as “it is peaceful and it does not inconvenience anyone. That is our stand and will always remain.”

When asked if the AAP feels that the BJP is polarising the elections, he responded: “No, the BJP wants to cancel the elections.”

On the BJP releasing videos of schools and Mohalla clinics, he said all those videos are fake.

“By nature, the BJP believes in false videos. The Mohalla Clinic shown by the BJP was taken even before it was opened. They are not showing the fresh videos after it has become functional. They are shameless. They are showing a closed down school. There is no limit.”

Kumar, a former Jharkhand Congress state unit chief, joined the Aam Aadmi Party in September, 2019. He is also one of the members of AAP’s manifesto drafting committee.

Speaking to IANS about the manifesto, he added, it will be released this week.

“We are most likely to release the manifesto between February 4 and 6.”

On the content of the manifesto, he said while the party will continue the already running schemes, there will be a lot more for the city.

“A lot of work will be done on women safety, clean water, improving economy, further improvements in electricity, education and health. Also, we will try to make Delhi a cultural hub.”

Delhi is going to polls on February 8 and the results will be announced on February 11.

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