Aaron Paul regrets spinoff prank

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Los Angeles, Feb 24 (IANS) Actor Aaron Paul says he still regrets playing a prank about announcing a spinoff series on his character Jesse Pinkman from the popular American crime drama TV series “Breaking Bad”.

Last year, the 36-year-old actor pranked “Breaking Bad” fans by announcing a spinoff series via Periscope.

However, as fans began to write ecstatic comments about the news, Paul realised his mistake and quickly explained that he wasn’t serious. But by then, the news had already gone viral.

He later apologised on Twitter saying, “Sorry for the joke everybody. I love you all so much. Hugs and kisses.”

Recalling the incident on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, Paul explains that he kept being asked about a possible season 6 of the hit series, read a statement.

“That hoax kept resurfacing throughout the years. I decided to pull a prank on Periscope, which was terrible. I’m watching the comments as they come in as I’m saying this, and everyone’s super excited,” Paul said.

“And they don’t stick around for my conclusion of the story, like letting them know it’s a prank. But then it went viral, and everyone thought it was actually happening,” he added.

So how did Paul feel when the dust from the prank had settled?

“I just felt like an a**hole.” he told Kimmel.

The episode will air on Wednesday tonight at 11 pm on Star World in India.

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