Abreo Septet Violin Prodigies Enthrall Seniors at Bajjodi old-Age Home

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Mangaluru: The much talked about splendid Violin performance by the Abreo Kids became a reality when they took the stage at the Home for the Old-age run by The Little Sisters of the Poor-Bajjodi here on Wednesday, 24 June 2015. The “Abreo Kids” -namely Michael Joseph (16 yrs), Daniel Francis (15), Christine Marie (13), Maria Therese (11), Jane Elizabeth (9), Rachel Ann (7), and John Paul (5) gave a short and sweet violin performance of 20 minutes, which enthralled the seniors of the Old-age and the audience, who gave a thunderous applaud.

The program began at 4pm sharp with a prayer song “Showers of Blessings” by Sisters. Then it was time for the Abreo septet to give their best performance- with their violins under their chins, they gave the open-mouthed audience a 20-minute rendition of solos, duets and medleys. The finale at the Bengaluru performance, rendered with rare precision, was composed by Michael for which he selected sections of each sibling’s recital pieces and put it into a medley, and then added it to the theme song, ‘Palliado’. Musical tunes namely “Happy Farmer”, “Donkey Doodle”, “Fiddle Tune”, “Fiddle Medley” and “Palladio” comprised the short and splendid performance by the Abreo septet.

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The Chief Guest for the programme, Dr Derik Lobo said, “I am also the eldest of the nine kids in our family-but although I started to learn violin while I was young, I quit playing it within six months. But I really compliment the talented Abreo kids who gave us a superb violin performance. Just like their parents, these kids have followed in their parents footsteps to be great musicians. I also compliment the Abreo parents for raising their kids with music talents. We should also follow in the footsteps of this family – having a family with many kids is always fun. It’s always a blessing when we have many kids in the house”.

FM Lobo , the Uncle of Nicole Abreo and the host of the event, in his welcome address called the audience to see the presence of God in the lives of poor and downtrodden. “Little Sisters of the poor who serve the downtrodden and less fortunate people without any discrimination of caste and creed, are an inspiration for us. They dedicated their life for the poor and the less fortunate people,” he said and also congratulated the Abreo family for their dedication and love towards the poor, and also for coming to Mangaluru quite often and entertain the seniors at the old-age home at Bajjodi.

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The entire Abreo family was honoured with floral garlands by the inmates of the Little Sisters of the Poor. Dr Gerard and his wife Nicole were garlanded by the Superior of the Little Sisters of the Poor. Speaking to the gathering Dr Gerard Abreo said in a lighter side of vein that, as a cardiologist I can see that these elderly people have a ‘big heart’ for how caring and loving they are. Quoting Mother Teresa Dr Abreo said, “In this world loneliness is the biggest disease, and there is no healing for that disease. But the Little Sisters of the Poor have healed many people by taking care of them. We can see the emotional healing, physical healing and mental healing of the inmates and we can see the real healing of these lonely people who gathered here in large numbers. We always like to come back to Mangaluru and perform for these older folks, and I promise I will be back again. Thanks for your patronage and making my family happy with your presence”.

“Music is like a river, it starts somewhere and reaches somewhere and in the course it will touch the hearts of millions of people. It is like a religion so piously regarded, followed and practiced..”- is a anonymous saying. The violin performance by these kids simply touched the hearts of the inmates of the Old-age home and also those who came in large numbers to witness the violin concert. Now we know that Abreo Music flows from Heaven to every soul in their vicinity, it touches everyone in the same frequency-and it brings everyone in a common thread called humanity. The Abreo family say that they feel like one family as they behave one with everyone..beholding the beauty of love and affection for entire mankind. Team Mangalorean feels proud to be associated with the Abreo family and give wide coverage of their performances now and in the future too. Long live the Abreo family!

Meet the Abreos – a family of musicians

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  1. What a joyful occasion to display on the stagen of Bhajjody. What a grand opportunity for young nine jewels to display their talents in Mangalore all the way from Houston, Texas. It must have been a thrilling experience for the Bhojjodi residents to witness the talents from the young kids who will turn out to be the future heroes. Best of luck.

  2. Yay!! Great job Gerry and Nicole. Happy to see you all and the kids and thanks for bringing joy to so many people.

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