Abu Dhabi: ISC holds Christmas Celebrations

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Abu Dhabi: India Social And Cultural Centre held Christmas Celebrations on Friday, 25th December 2015. At the ISC main hall. The programme started at 8 pm.

A carnival atmosphere had permeated in the premises of ISC – Abu Dhabi throughout the evening, as a large crowd converged to participate in the Christmas festival. It was a rare sight to witness people belonging to various nationalities and races participating in the spirit of brotherhood, mingling joyfully to show their solidarity to celebrate Christmas.

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The grand arrival of Santa Claus on a Sport Bike at the venue was applauded by the the crowd. The crowd became ecstatic when Santa greeted the audience to the cheers.

ISC Executives welcomed the gathering and wished Merry Christmas to all, while the Indian embassy Executive in his brief speech thanked everyone for making him a part of the event and wished a great Christmas to all.

A beautiful and meaningful Christmas song presented by the cute kids on the birth of Jesus was apt for the occasion, which was followed by melodious Christmas carols sung by the young children. The evening also witnessed variety of entertainments presented by the participants.

Live music and DJ music provided the much needed opportunity for enjoyment for the old and the young. The battle of the DJs, dance performances and songs heightened the festive spirit atmosphere.

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DJ Rudy and host Avito and Zarine were instrumental in keeping the crowd on their toes.

The evening had a grand raffle draw with attractive prizes on raffle tickets and entry coupons. The premises was filled with people, who enjoyed a tasty dinner in the end.

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