Abu Dhabi: Konkani Cultural Organization to Hold ‘KCO Fiesta -2015’ On May 8

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Abu Dhabi: In 1995, a few prominent Mangalorean individuals based in Abu Dhabi under the leadership of Leo Rodrigues started the K.C.O. Abu Dhabi. This year is our 20th anniversary and at this juncture KCO can look back with a sense of pride and accomplishment over the various social activities and community related projects successfully carried out during the past 20 years.

Small Beginning

It really took off to a splendid start and was able to make its mark largely due to the support it received from fellow Mangaloreans. An organization can take a strong footing in the society only when it gets support and recognition from like minded people. The adage ‘little drops of water, little grains of sand make a mighty ocean’ is definitely suited in the context of K.C.O’s growth. The Mangalorean Diaspora had realized even in those days that their strength is their unity and with unity they would be able to achieve good things for the benefit of the entire community.


K.C.O in Action

The Credit goes to K.C.O for being the first cultural association of Mangaloreans in Abu Dhabi at a time when the community was scattered without a proper platform to share the flavor of Mangalorean culture. Having brought the Konkani speaking community under one umbrella, thanks to the zealous efforts of its founders, there was no stopping this juggernaut from rolling, to accomplish its cherished mission.

About K.C.O

Konkani Cultural Organization (K.C.O), a household name among the Mangalorean Catholic Community in Abu Dhabi, has gained popularity through their various social, cultural and community related activities.

K.C.O. by their dedicated work has transformed itself as a mirror reflecting the culture and traditions and carrying forward the values of our great ancestors and has turned out to be a focal point for the Mangalorean community in Abu Dhabi.

Although the Konkani community was having their activities way back in the 70’s, their effort was largely scattered and without much regularity. It is to the credit of KCO that they were able to carry on this job with dedication, in an organised manner and with a planned yearly schedule.

K.C.O. Abu Dhabi is gaining in popularity year after year through their various activities aimed at bringing together the community for group programs and also because of its strong support for the economically backward and less fortunate members of the community in the UAE and back home.

Fiesta 2015

The cultural programme this year, is happening on the 8th May, 2015 under the banner “Fiesta 2015”. For the first time, it will be a Evening Programme.Gates open at 5 p.m. at the Abu Dhabi Country Club.

Our Mission

All the efforts and programmes undertaken for the past 20 years will be carried forward with a spirit of dedication and selfless thoughts.

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