Abu Dhabi, May 18, 2019: Fut’llimodki’- a play that awakens with the coat of laughter

Abu Dhabi, May 18, 2019: Fut’llimodki’- a play that awakens with the coat of laughter

Abu Dhabi: If there is a play that has seen nearly a hundred shows around the world, and pained thousands of people’s stomachs with laughter is none other than ‘Matarocharbela’. Here comes once again on stage a young man of 75 years- an artist with the great ability of taking up the entire weight of the play on his shoulders playing lead role and thus holding the audience for more than two and a half hours with his comedy centered drama with the strong story of a family with his 33rd play Fut’llimodki’- Francis Fernández Cassia.

The Matarocharbela team is now ready in Abu Dhabi with ‘Fut’llimodki’ after a few shows in Mumbai and some other places. The famous Konkani organisation in Abhudabhi KCO- Konkani Cultural Organisation has come forward to sponsor the same on 13th June 2019 (Thursday) at The British School-Al Khubairat Near St. Joseph Cathedral, Abu Dhabi at 7-30 pm.

The director of the play Joy Paladka is an experienced artist. He looks after the administration of the entire team. Looking after direction, action, accounts, stage and other settings is not an easy task.

An elderly artist in Goa and Mumbai Betty Naz, an artist who filled life to characters in many plays Julie Vas Marol, a person who is able to set aside some time for theatre in spite of being busy in politics, social work, M.C., parish commitments Flora D’souza Kalmadi-Jerymery, the one who adorns the given role with undivided enthusiasm Shanthi D’souza Boliye are a few female artists of the play.

Francis Fernández Cassia has once again proved himself, being the A.T.M. in the play which revolves around the family of rich audacious lady Janet. There is no wonder that his naughtiness, dialogues, acting skills keep the people on the edge of their toes and do not allow them to rest on their chairs with laughter.

The actors have made justice to their characters under the effective direction of Joy Paladka. Sweet music as per the need and the lightings beautifies the play.

Francis Fernández Cassia who is going to complete 75 years in next July brings life to the stage with his naughty moves. One of the reasons if the Konkani theatre today has bloomed and is surviving is because of his service to the theatre for more than 60 years. There is no doubt that Konkani theatre will stay strong and grow further because of this work of his.

About Konkani Cultural Organization:

Konkani Cultural Organization (KCO) is well known in the UAE, GCC and India for its benevolent work in helping the needy and deserving students. They initiated several scholarships through Samanvaya of Mangaluru and also been helping scores of people suffering from critical illnesses.

The KCO has been recognizing and supporting many NGO’s back home who are working with the distressed, downtrodden and the needy in and around Udupi – Dakshina Kannada districts. KCO has been growing in popularity year after year and has become a household name not only in Abu Dhabi but in the entire UAE.

For the past 23 years, KCO has been involved in various social, cultural and religious activities in Abu Dhabi. White Doves, Snehasadan, Jeevadhaan, Samanvaya, Saanidhya- Ganesh Seva Trust, Shanti Kiran Technical and Sneha Charitable Trust are a few of the NGOs through which the KCO has provided socio-medical help to the needy in the past.

The KCO has also been sponsoring community marriages for the underprivileged for the past few years. With help from sponsors and benefactors, the KCO has managed to carry out their noble mission within UAE and India. It has also transformed itself as a mirror reflecting the culture, tradition and upholding the values of our great ancestors and has turned out to be a focal point for the Konkani community in Abu Dhabi.