Abu Dhabi: NMC Health care and UAE Exchange Hold ‘June Rose – 2015’

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UAE: The India Social and Cultural Centre organized NMC Health care and UAE Exchange “June Rose – 2015” at the ISC main hall, Abu Dhabi here on June 11.


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A fully decorated exclusively arranged Ramp for catwalk was set with dazzling lights and beautifully arranged fresh flowers. Mind blowing music was witnessed by the packed audience.

Entertainment Section secretary Welcomed the Contestants, Judges, Gathering, Guests and VIPs and wished success to the Contestants. General Secratary Abul Salam thanked the sponsors of the prestigious show.

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ISC President Panikkar in his inaugural speech wished all participants success. He said that winning and losing is part of the competition, participation matters a lot. Competitions should be healthy and taken in good spirit.

Contestants from all over UAE, participated in the competition. It was a most glamorous fashion contest, around 18 Indian origin beautiful Girls participated. It was a tough job for the judges to judge the winner as all were beautiful, talented and attractive.

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Sponsors and judges were felicitated by ISC Executives. Participants on the Ramp presented their best and answered all the questions boldly. Finally the judges selected the winners on best smile, best costume and best personality.

Attractive first, second and third prize including cash prizes respectively were presented to the winners.

The opening dance team Choreographed by Guru Asha Nair was mind blowing. DJ Music by renowned RJs and dances performed by professional troupes added more colour to the event. All the participants were honoured with certificates.

The entire ramp walk was choreographed by Asha Nair for which she was honoured by the ISC Entertainment section on the occasion.

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ISC Fashion Contest “June Rose-2015”

Winner – Hima Ajith
1st Runner up – Roshni Susan Philipose
2nd Runner up – Kshama Santhosh Rai from Mangalore

Best Indian Ethnic Wear – Nikita Jain
Best Western Wear – Roshni Susan Philipose
Best Evening Wear – Uzma Shaikh
Best Star Quality – Yogitha Saini
Best Smile of the evening – Rajalaxmi Rajiv Desmukh
Best Photogenic – Mikky Koshy Mathew

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