ACSA Demands Action Against Amnesty International

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ACSA Demands Action Against Amnesty International 

Mangaluru: All College Students Association staged a protest against the Amnesty International for shouting anti-India slogans in front of the War Memorial near Kadri Park, here on August 18.

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Addressing the protesters, State president of ACSA Dinakar Shetty said, “The government should take action against Amnesty International NGO for shouting slogans against our country. The state government is delaying in taking action against those who shouted anti-India slogans, which is a sad part of our system. The government is not wasting time to take action on students, farmers and women. Why is the government showing soft corner against the traitors? The ACSA condemns the act of the Amnesty International and demands for the immediate arrest of those who shouted anti-India slogans.

ACSA leaders Ashwith Kottari, Dhanush Shetty, Jithesh Devadiga, Anish Rao, Prajwal Poojary, Likhith, Sanman, Mohammed Arfan, Nisha Mathew, Nisha, Mandeep, Steevan D’Souza and others were also present.

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  1. Sigh! Poor brainwashed dolts like our Yumreeki ThyampaNNA.

    Some individuals NOT belonging to the organization shout out anti-Indian slogans and kalas…. some antiquated provision of law (of Brit origin) is cited to book them. Oh yeah…… it is ALL happening in India. Could it be part of the ‘MACK in India’ slogan?

    The law needs to be revisited and changes are needed. Or else, what would be the difference between some African banana republic and India?

    In the interim, Cow vigilantes run amok with total impunity and disdain for the law of the land. I wonder how such stuff is possible without the powers that be (at the Center, of course)! I leave it to our Yumreeki Armchair analyst to take a hit (on whatever he does), lean back…. breathe deeply (‘in’, of course.. can’t waste the ‘hit’ you see) and revert with his ‘analysis’! 😉 😉

    Poor chap must be sulking like a 5-year-old! He has been ticked-off by plenty of people for his loose comments of yesterday. Anyway, I’m pretty much a patient chap, ya, Rampa!

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