Actor Arya to participate in international cycling race

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Chennai, June 6 (IANS) Tamil actor Arya, who is an avid cyclist, is all set to participate in international cycling race in Sweden on June 12 and 13 with his newly formed Ryders team.

“It’s called VAtternrundan race and it happens every year in Sweden in the town called Motala. This is the 50th year they are doing it. It’s a race with a distance of 300 km of mountains and lake side ride with strong winds. You have 15 hours to complete the whole track,” Arya said in a statement.

The first VAtternrundan took place in 1966 with just over 300 riders, and since then the ride has grown to be a must for riders world wide.

Arya added that he’s been training for the last eight months for this race.

He currently has two Tamil projects up his sleeve.

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