Addiction to Mobile Chatting Leads to Woman’s Killing by Husband

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Bengaluru: Addiction to mobile chatting has been killing the fine art of verbal communication these days. Family relationships are in a shambles in many cases.

There are complaints that men neglect their families, women do not pay attention to children and delay kitchen work and children do not speak to their parents.


Priyanka (22), a young homemaker living with her husband on the Nelamahadeshwara temple road in Dasarahalli of Peenya, paid a heavy price, for being addicted to mobile chatting.

Being in the initial years of married life, her husband, quite expectedly, wanted better attention from his wife.

But he found her chatting on the mobile phone most of the time. This led to frequent arguments and quarrels.

Matters came to a head earlier this week when he, enraged by her stubborn attitude, strangled her with a cable. She is said to have died immediately.

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