ADGP Pratap Reddy in City for Investigations in Ganapathi Suicide Case

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ADGP Pratap Reddy in City for Investigations in Ganapathi Suicide Case

Mangaluru: Additional Director General of Police, Criminal Investigation Department, Pratap Reddy visited the IG’s office in the city here, on July 9.


ADGP Pratap Reddy arrived at the city from Bengaluru in connection with the investigations of the suicide case of DySP Ganapathi. The DySP had committed suicide on July 7. Before taking the extreme step, he had given an interview to a TV channel and revealed the harassment he had faced by two police officers and former home minister K J George.


After the suicide, the opposition party demanded the Chief Minister to drop K J George from the cabinet and hand over the case to the CBI. But the CM has ordered a CID probe in this case.

Based on the order, Pratap Reddy arrived at the IG’s office in Mangaluru to conduct the investigations.

Speaking to media persons, ADGP Prathap Reddy said that the case was handed over to the CID on July 8. “The IG-CID has gone to Kodagu district and he is supervising the case there. Ganapathi had been working in the IG office in Mangaluru and had stayed in Mangaluru. That is why, we have come here to collect information. We will do the investigation from all angles.”


When asked about the investigation in Ganapathi’s house, Reddy replied that the CID would visit the family members when it is convenient for them.

“We will collect all information and the investigation will go on from all angles. After the CID took over the investigations, we have been collecting all the necessary information. We will do our job well without giving any chance for anyone to blame us later,” he added.

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  1. What is the use of the State’s Additional D.G.P. (C.I.D.) conducting an investigation in the death of the Deputy Superintendent of Police of Mangalore? Mr. Pratap Reddy has to dance to the tune of his political bosses and, in no way, can he afford to disenchant them. He has to see to his career and no one joins I.P.S. if he is straight-forward, honest and no nonsense man. Otherwise, they will wreck their careers. Many I.P.S. Officers who were truly honest have quit this highly corrupt system.

    Only a retired High Court Judge, who is fair and square and will not act as per the Chief Minister’s or Home Minister’s biddings, should have been assigned the investigation in this matter.

    The C.I.D. probe is just a wash up. Moreover, K.J. George, who is in the spotlight, will hush up the matter and light candles in the Church seeking Almighty’s forgiveness for his sins. I do not know if Syrian Christians undergo confessions. If that is the case, he may undergo confessions.

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