Adhere to cylinder safety norms to avoid fires in UAE

Adhere to cylinder safety norms to avoid fires in UAE

Abu Dhabi: Comply with gas cylinder safety requirements to prevent fire occurrence during the current hot weather, the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence has urged.

Homeowners and establishments should handle cooking gas cylinders properly while following safety guidelines during their transportation, storage, and use to avoid a gas leak and cylinder explosions due to high temperature, officials pointed out.

The department also asked families to ensure cylinders were kept in secure locations, and out of the reach of children.

The authority advised home and shop owners to place their cylinders at the ground level, outdoors or in a well-ventilated area and away from direct sunlight.

Brigadier General Mohammed Ibrahim Al Ameri, deputy director-general of the department of Civil Defence in Abu Dhabi, said owners of houses and shops should pay attention to gas cylinder safety requirements and other fire preventive measures for a safe summer.

“Home owners and restaurants should ensure the safety norms of cooking stoves, check gas pipes and not leave the cylinders exposed to sun rays,” he underlined.

“Families should always close gas cylinders before leaving the house. They should not be placed near emergency outlets or glass doors. Also don’t place more than two gas cylinders of 24kg in one place.”

Al Ameri reminded the public to install gas detectors in their kitchens to help detect leaks early and avoid explosions.

The officer said electrical leads and clothes must not hang near cookers or ovens. Grills must be kept clean as a build-up of fat, oils or food can start a fire, he pointed out.

“Children should also be kept away from kitchens as they may play with cooking equipment which can cause fire,” he said, adding that families should observe safety tips at home, including switching off air conditioners and other electrical equipment especially when they move out of houses.

Al Ameri urged residents to inspect exposed electrical networks, carry out periodic maintenance of equipment and household appliances such as air conditioners, not smoking near the curtains and upholstery and putting the matches out of the reach of kids.

The public has also been urged to install fire alarms in homes and buildings.