Adopted Son’s Abuse, Alice D’Souza Suffered and Died

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Adopted Son’s Abuse, Alice D’Souza Suffered and Died

Team Mangalorean have been following up this abuse/neglect case by a so-called “Adopted Son”-Arun Kumar against his “Foster Mother”, 92-year-old Alice D’Souza, who was admitted in ICU at a private hospital in the City- and as published earlier Arun was refusing to pay her medical expenses which has crossed over Rs 2.75 lakhs. But sadly at 3 pm on Monday, 1 August, Alice breathed her last after suffering a lot. May her soul Rest In Peace!

Mangaluru: Alice D’Souza, aged 92 would have lived longer, if she wasn’t neglected and abused by her so-called adopted son, Arun Kumar (although he was not legally adopted, but Alice treated him like her own son/adopted son for over two decades, also took care of his wife and son) who left her alone in the apartment for three months when she developed some sickness. Arun and his family moved to a place where he manages a Paying Guest facility in the heart of the city. It was the “Good Samaritans” (Neighbors), who found out that Alice was alone and terribly sick, they immediately rushed her to a private hospital, near Urwa Market.


The neighbours say that after Arun abandoned her and she fell ill with Malaria, Jaundice and Diarrhea, they admitted her to the hospital. When the hospital management had requested Arun to pay for Alice’s medical bills, he refused saying that he didn’t admit her to the hospital, but the neighbors did. After knowing that Arun was neglecting her and was not agreeing to pay her medical bills, Alice approached Senior Citizen Helpline, and Lidwin- the co-ordinator at the Helpline registered a complaint with Assistant Commissioner Dr Ashok, who visited the hospital, talked to Alice and recorded the statements from her and ordered Arun Kumar to pay the bills, after finding that Arun had registered the apartment in Dukes Manor, Matadakani Road, Mangaluru (which legally belongs to Alice) in his name. On AC’s orders, Arun agreed to pay the bills, requesting the hospital management to give him some time, for which the management agreed. The AC also warned Arun then, that if he breaks his promises the apartment sale deed will be cancelled, and further action would be taken.

Surprisingly this morning Team Mangalorean found out that even after Senior Citizen Helpline followed up this case in the court, where Assistant Commissioner (AC) Dr Ashok ordered Arun Kumar to pay Alice D’Souza’s medical expenses, which has now reached near to Rs 2.75 lakhs – but Arun who had assured the AC that he would start paying the hospital bills, had refused to do so when the hospital had called on him couple days ago, to settle the bills as early as possible. Since the AC had ordered the hospital staff to give Alice the good care and treatment while she is still in critical state in the ICU, the hospital management have been doing their best, but unfortunately the ‘Adopted Son” was not willing to bear the cost of his foster mother’s treatment bills.

But sadly, Alice D’Souza breathed her last at 3pm this afternoon (1 August), and when the hospital management contacted Arun to make arrangements for payment of medical bills and to transport her body to the morgue, he bluntly said that he is not responsible and would not pay any of the hospital bills. The managing director and chairman of the hospital speaking to Lidwin and other relatives of Alice said, “It’s indeed sad that an aged woman like Alice had to face such abuse and suffering from a person she trusted and cared for. We did take good care and gave her the best treatment on the word of AC. But now everything has taken a U-turn, with Arun strongly refusing to pay us, even though he has assured us that he will settle the bills at the earliest. There is nothing much we can do at the moment, but to release the dead body on the humanitarian basis to Alice’s relatives for further funeral arrangements. May her soul rest in peace”.

When Lidwin of Helpline called Arun, he didn’t speak much, instead said her to talk to his lawyer. But everyone is confused for the fact, even after AC has ordered Arun to settle the bills, and also made him sign that he will do the payment, how come everything went wrong, with Arun very much reluctant to take any responsibility, and just acting ignorant. One of the relatives of Alice speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “Our aunt who spoke to us a few weeks ago wanted to inform us long back what was going on between her and her so-called adopted son. But she kept everything secret, since she was threatened by Arun that if she leaks out anything, she would face the consequences, and so also her relatives.”

After much discussion with the hospital management, and signing certain documents, Alice D’Souza’s body was handed over to her relatives, and later transported to a morgue, with funeral details to be announced later. Further action on this case will be undertaken by Senior Citizen Helpline and Alice’s relatives through AC Dr Ashok once her funeral is over.

Team Mangalorean expresses our heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved family members and relatives of Alice D’Souza. May her Soul Rest In Peace. Amen.

Funeral details of Alice D’Souza will be announced later

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  1. Alfie, what you said is 100% true. Most of the clergies do not practice what they preach. Also most of the catholics listen to the sermon just like how some politicians give speech because they know that even the former do not practice. Alice never thought that the person whom she believed so much would transfer the property to his name and she was too old to fight for her rights. This happens everywhere in India because of outdated laws. In US, no one can encash a cheque or fixed deposit which is not in his name, but in India it’s possible. In India, land records can be altered just paying bribe if someone is bold enough. Rest in Peace Alice.

  2. please don’t give up on the fight to bring justice to the departed soul of Alice D’Souza. You have highlighted the story, but keep continuing the story till there are some results to this incident. Only in India, including Mangaluru someone can get away with a crime.

    RIP Dear Alice. You didn’t deserve this from a person whom u trusted very dearly.

  3. Indeed a sad story, for a senior lady to face a tragic death at the hands of a adopted son. People are ungrateful these days.

    May Alice Dsouza soul rest in peace

  4. What happened to the orders of AC Dr Ashok, that Arun had to pay the medical bills of Alice D’Souza? This is what the system is in India–where money and politics play a big role. and other media should highlight more on this incident and try to bring justice to Alice.

    Thanks for a elaborate report.

  5. Honestly, I saw this coming. The warning from Asst Commissioner promising cancellation of apartment registration had no legal basis. While I appreciate his willingness to resolve the situation, it wasn’t the right way of approaching the problem.

    I have no doubt that this adopted son either threatened or put emotional pressure to give away the apartment. He should have shown some responsibility in taking care of this poor lady. Unfortunately there are many many ‘kutantri’ characters like this guy who have absolutely no moral compass and will do anything for money!! Sad.

  6. Take back her property from adopted son and give to charitable institution . He doesnot deserve this.

  7. Cannot understand how our dear “Allibhai” ended her life with so much of sufferings. She came from a very decent family of Regos at Falnir and was married to a very elite family of Lalbagh. I know them very well because I was there for their grand wedding and their happy married life. It is sad that in spite of all the wealth and material strength, she was victimized with various ill-treatments and ended her life with misery. May God help her to rest in peace.

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