After a 4-Year Wait, Indian Engineers Receive No Objection Certificate from Kuwait Govt

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After a 4-Year Wait, Indian Engineers Receive No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Kuwait Government

Mangaluru: Indeed an overwhelming and good news for the large number of Indian Engineers, after a nearly four-year wait and repeated appeals to the Indian government and Kuwait, they are now issued the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE),. Only those engineering candidates, whose colleges are not yet accredited by the NBA in India are not issued with NOCs, which is mandatory to work in Kuwait.

The engineers working in Kuwait said that after a serious joint meeting with KSE and the Indian embassy in Kuwait, the authorities have decided to resolve the issue. A spokesperson from the Indian Engineers Forum (IEF) said that earlier KSE and the Public Authority of Manpower (PAM) insisted that NOCs would be given only to expatriate engineers, whose courses were NBA-accredited during the time of their graduation.

“Now that the new rule has been relaxed, it has brought joy to a lot of engineers who have been anxious about their work and stay in Kuwait. Some of them have been working here for a long time. The NBA was implemented in India two decades ago, and not many colleges or courses in India are accredited by the NBA, to date. However, all colleges are approved by AICTE, the highest statutory body for technical education. “Many expatriates have been working in Kuwait for many decades as engineers. They had to leave the country and move to other Gulf countries, as they failed to get an NOC from KSE,” said an expatriate engineer working in Kuwait.

Kuwait made NBA accreditation mandatory, as a lot of expatriates from India and other countries landed in Kuwait after obtaining fake degrees. The rules are exempted for those expatriates from premier education institutions like NITs and IITs.Speaking to Team Mangalorean, an engineer from Mangaluru said “The issue of NOCs started this week, and I received the NOC on Wednesday evening. I express my profound gratitude to the Indian embassy in Kuwait, IEF, and the govt of India for their relentless efforts in resolving the issue of obtaining an NOC for Indian engineers from KSE”.

“Although my engineering college has been accredited by the NBA since 2008, regrettably, my application was rejected due to my graduation in 1993. At last, my file was approved by KSE, and I was issued a KSE card that is valid for five years,” the expatriate who has been working for almost a decade in Kuwait shared.

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