Ajman: Gulf Medical University Reserch Center gets the Most Coverted ‘CAP’ Accreditation

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Ajman: The Center for Advanced Biomedical Research and Innovation (CABRI) has received its accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP), a much coveted credential that positions CABRI as a high quality specialty pathology laboratory.

CABRI-CAP-16032015-A1346 CABRI-CAP-16032015-A1346-001

CABRI also has the distinction of being the first lab to be accredited by CAP in the Northern Emirates. This makes it possible for the community in the Northern Emirates to avail of the high quality specialty test services offered by CABRI.

Research Grant announced:

“This is a great achievement by a relatively young research center and I am proud of this feat. I wish to congratulate the entire research team for making this possible” said Thumbay Moideen, Founder President, Board of Governors Gulf Medical University. “The Thumbay Foundation has announced, as part of its strategy for promoting research, its intent to support Medical Research and will offer Research Grant of 10 Million dirhams over the next 6 years to encourage researchers to conduct medical research and innovation of the highest scientific caliber”. To facilitate this Thumbay Moideen has announced the establishment of a state of art “Innovation Center” under the aegis of CABRI to facilitate Medical Research and Innovation, for extending research to the “Last Mile”.

This achievement has opened the doors for transition of our institution from a purely academic institution to that of a research and innovation based university says Prof. Gita Ashok Raj, Provost of Gulf Medical University. It is indeed a matter of pride for all of us today, she added.

CABRI has strategic partnerships with leading CRO’s in order to leverage greater capacities in the field of clinical research. CABRI envisages inter-institutional collaborations and public private partnerships `to enhance its research scope in the near future, said Prof. P K Menon, Director CABRI. He also mentioned that among the new tests launched “Neo Natal Screening” using a blood spot on card has been launched at CABRI to provide assistance in screening infants for fifty four treatable conditions. An initiative on Next Gen Sequencing and Exome sequencing has also been established.

About CABRI:

The Center for Advanced Biomedical Research and Innovation, set-up at Gulf Medical University Ajman, focuses on research studies and advanced diagnostics in nationally important health areas like Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Genetic Disorders, Allergies and Thalassemia. CABRI is already working with some of the multinational companies on different research projects, and aims to focus on diagnostic testing. The Center has, in addition, the ability to do bio analytical testing, toxicology testing and rare metal analysis. The Center aims to be a leading service provider for High Complexity Testing in the next 3-5 years. The Center for Advanced Biomedical Research and Innovation will raise the current facility focusing on graduate studies and medical research to become an ‘incubator’ where new ideas can be nurtured and developed into commercial entities.

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