Akshay Oberoi has no restrictions working in any medium

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Akshay Oberoi has no restrictions working in any medium

New Delhi, July 21 (IANS) Actor Akshay Oberoi, who has worked in movies like “Isi Life Mein”, “Piku” and “Laal Rang” and is awaiting the release of his latest film “Gurgaon”, says he has no restrictions of working in any medium — be it film, theatre or television.

“I have no restriction of working on any medium. I do films, tv, theatre, but it’s that I am more comfortable doing in Hindi and English language than Punjabi (films). If I get any offer, I will surely go for it,” said Akshay over phone to IANS when asked if being a Punjabi, did he ever try Punjabi films?

Akshay will be seen playing the role of lead actor in “Gurgaon” which is a noir thriller inspired by true events. The film tells the story of Kehri Singh, a real estate baron, who runs his business in his daughter’s name. Nikki Singh (character played by Akshay) is the son of Kehri Singh and is often sidelined by his father as good for nothing.

“Nikki’s character is dark, he doesn’t care what people think about him. He is the neglected child as he doesn’t get love from his father,” said Akshay revealing about his character.

Akshay had to learn the Haryanvi language for his role.

“I worked hard with my diction expert… we used to sit four hours a day for getting the language done, I even heard Haryanvi songs, watched Haryanvi movies, especially for a film like this because I have to get the language right.”

“When I did ‘Laal Rang’ with Randeep Hooda, we shot it in Karnal so we did lot of research for the language, as it was a mix of Haryanvi and Punjabi. While doing “Gurgaon”, it helped me. I will be speaking the language of Rohtak,” he added.

The movie portrays a strange relationship between the brother and sister as Nikki is often ignored by his father. Revealing about his real life relation with his sibling, Akshay says: “I am actually a good brother, me and my brother are more like friends.”

Talking about why Akshay chose this project, he said: “An actor like me who doesn’t have a godfather, have to do a cinema like this. If I have to make my name for myself, I have to do something that nobody else is doing.”

Having made a transition from theatre to movies, Akshay believes that he will go back to theatre, the day he gets stuck and stops growing as an actor.

“I will go back to theatre because that’s the retraining ground for an actor, it teaches you the craft of acting,” he said.

“Gurgaon” is directed by National Award-winning cinematographer Shanker Raman. The actor is also doing Pia Sukanya’s “Bombairiya” and a web series on the night club life of Mumbai called “Bar Code”.

“Gurgaon” is slated to hit the screens on August 4.

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