All College Students’ Union inaugurated at Kudmul Rangarao Purabhavan

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All College Students’ Union inaugurated at Kudmul Rangarao Purabhavan

Mangaluru: The inaugural ceremony of the All College Students Union was held at the Kudmul Rangarao Purabhavan here on September 29.

District Congress Committee President and MLC Harish Kumar and former MLA J R Lobo inaugurated the programme by lighting the traditional lamp along with other dignitaries on the dais.

District Youth Congress President Mithun Rai welcomed the gathering. Mithun Rai in his welcome speech said, “A leader is the one who will bring out leaders in the society. A successful leader is one who has the strength and power to control his fellow mates. This is a very important programme in the life of students which will teach them to be disciplined citizens. Today we all sitting on the dais, but our aim is to make the students the future leaders who should inaugurate this programme in the coming years”.

Addressing the students former MLA J R Lobo said, “When we see the huge strength of the youth, we too become youth. Swami Vivekananda said, “If I get 10 youth who are active I will change the future of the country”. If Vivekananda could come here he would be very happy. I congratulate Mithun Rai for organizing this programme. All the youth here are in your very important stage. Today you are college students and you have the responsibilities towards the country and your future. Leadership qualities are very important in a students life. Mithun Rai has given the students a chance to be leaders and to take the responsibilities towards the country. Students should inculcate leadership qualities and be disciplined citizens”.

J R Lobo further said, “Students should think of their future too, after studies, students should get jobs. The Congress party leaders have contributed a lot to the country. Many have sacrificed their lives, for the freedom of the country. Our youth should learn about the history of our country. When we got the freedom from the British, we did not have a company even to produce a needle. But today many leaders in the opposition ask what the Congress party has done for the country? For 60 years our Congress leaders sacrificed their lives for the country. Those who are interested to be leaders should read and understand the history of our country and become successful leaders.”

Sudheer Sringeri in his keynote address said, “Nowadays it is very dangerous to a Hindu boy go to the canteen in the college campus and have tea with a Muslim girl or a Muslim boy go and have tea with a Hindu girl, you will surely be thrashed. Dakshina Kannada is popular for unity and brotherhood but recently it has become popular for the wrong reasons. There are many people who are trying to control us. Many leaders are trying to create enmity among the students by reminding them of their religion. They fill Dharma in the minds of youth and make them hold machetes in their hands to fight. Nathuram Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi once but we are killing Mahatma Gandhi every day. Our youth should learn about the life of Mahatma Gandhi and his sacrifice for the country. If our country is developed it is because of Jawaharlal Nehru, but many are criticising him”.

MLC Harish Kumar also spoke on the occasion. Suhan Alva compered the programme.  State General Secretary of Youth Congress Suhail Kandak, Kiran Budleguthu, corporator Ramdas and others were also present.

The list of the elected president, vice president and other office bearers for the year 2018-19 was announced on the occasion.
South President – Nitesh Shetty
North President – Saurabh Shetty
Vice President –   Vinith Puthran
Vice President –  Primus
Vice president –  Sujan Shetty
Vice president –  Anvith Kateel
Vice president –  Tejas Kulal
Working president – Mitesh D’Souza
Working President – Alfaz

Office bearers
Anil Pinto
Mohammed Siddiqu
Joswin Lobo
Suhail Khan
Mohammed Nizamuddin
Mohammed Shamad
Jithesh Fernandes
Allen D’Costa
Thanwi S Shetty
Rahul Nayak
Mario D’Souza
U T Ashiya
Shonak S Rai
Hanish M S
Ayesh Nazma
Steevan Wilson
Mohammed Akhil Sheikh
Roshan D’Souza
Jason Mascarenhas
Pradeep Devadiga
Sheikh Mohammed
Salman Sheikh
Asif Salman
Naushad Ahmed
Shiekh Afsan Ahmed
Asiif Salwad
Sharukh A K

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