Allegations fly thick amid high voter turnout in Barmer

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Allegations fly thick amid high voter turnout in Barmer

Jaipur: Allegations and counter-allegations flew thick and fast in the Barmer Lok Sabha constituency that went to the polls on Friday.

The constituency recorded the highest voter turnout among the 13 seats that went to the polls in the state on Friday at 69.79 per cent (provisional figure).

Barmer is witnessing a triangular contest between Union Minister Kailash Chaudhary of the BJP, Congress’ Umedaram Beniwal, and Independent candidate Ravindra Bhati, who is also the MLA from Sheo Assembly constituency.

Bhati made serious allegations against the administration. He said his polling agent was thrown out of the booth in Baytu Assembly. A label was put ahead of my name on the EVM so that I don’t get voted. The vehicles of migrants who came to vote for me were stopped. No matter how many such tactics are used to defeat me, I have made a place in the hearts of my voters. How will you get me out of those hearts?

In his tweet, he said, “Inside Baytu Assembly, my agents are being thrown out of the booths and a label has been put in front of my name on the voting machine. What kind of democracy is this? After all, under whose pressure is the administration working,” said Bhati on his X account.

However, the Rajasthan police denied his allegations and said that they have received no such complaint.

Bhati questioned the silence of the administration, election commission and the police and said, “The government is trying its best to reduce polling. Many vehicles are being stopped. Many people are being stopped. Whatever we can do, we are doing it. I would like to tell them that the people of Barmer, Jaisalmer and Balotra are strong. You can’t do anything by stopping like this.”

Meanwhile, the Jaisalmer police banned Bhati’s brother from roaming in Jaisalmer constituency.

The police wrote in a post that “the brother of independent candidate Ravindra Singh Bhati, who is not a voter of Jaisalmer, is influencing the voters by roaming in Jaisalmer district. Jaisalmer District Police appeals to the brother of the independent candidate to immediately leave the district.”

Congress candidate Ummedaram Beniwal said that some outsiders tried to disturb the peace and harmony of That.

“Sheo Vidhan Sabha constituency is known for peace and brotherhood. However the news coming in of manhandling and goondaism each minute is worrying. Outsiders who are miscreants are trying to demolish peace and spirit of brotherhood here,” he added.

Baytu MLA Harish Chaudhary alleged that a Congress agent was manhandled. He charged that a Rajasthan government official has been flouting all norms of democracy. Dalit women have been mistreated in the presence of the IG and were injured. Villagers kept demanding that fake voting should be stopped but no one intervened. He asked the Election Commission to investigate the matter and take action.


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