All’s Well that Ends Well! RIVIERA 2019- a Cultural Fest at FMHMC Concludes with a Bang

All’s Well that Ends Well! RIVIERA 2019- a Cultural Fest at FMHMC Concludes with a Bang

All’s Well that Ends Well! RIVIERA 2019- a Cultural Fest at Father Muller Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital (FMHMC & H) Culminates with a Bang

Mangaluru : All’s Well that Ends Well!-That’s right. Quoting Shakespeare’s words, “But with the word the time will bring on summer, When briers shall have leaves as well as thorns, All’s well that ends well; still the fine’s the crown; Whatever the course, the end is the renown “-all I can say is that the organizing committee members of “RIVIERA 2019” – a Week-long mega Cultural Fest did a marvelous job by organizing this Fest which was a sheer success, and the curtain came down to say “Adios” to the unique and prestigious “Fest” after a glittering valedictory function. This Institution has given ample opportunities to the students to take part in various co-curricular activities, sports, also in academics, thereby unleash their hidden talents and excel. In life we may face lots of hurdles-but it is our duty to overcome such hurdles and come out successfully- and all these Homeopaths did it marvelously.

Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College Hospital is a part of the Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College and shares the common premises at Deralakatte, in the outskirts of Mangaluru. The full fledged hospital with state of the art facilities began in 2006, and later renovated and upgraded in the year 2013. Today the hospital boast of a Casualty/Day care, Inpatient/Outpatient Departments, Laboratory, Radiography unit, Major/Minor OT, ICUs, Labor rooms and other health care accessories. The Vision of FMHMCH is -To heal and comfort the suffering humanity with compassion and respect and to be recognized as a global leader in Homoeopathic Medical Education and Research.

And the objectives of FMHMCH is to train young men and women in Homoeopathic medicine and develop in them such skills as are needed to render effective health care to the suffering humanity; To involve the staff and the students in various Research projects in order to promote the science and art of Homoeopathy.

To promote the science and system of Homoeopathy and to put it to service of common man; and To instill in students a spirit of dedication and commitment after the example of the founder, Father Augustus Muller. At present there are 700 plus students pursuing their career in this field- and while they are good in academics, the institution also gives them a chance to unleash their hidden talents during a Fest held each year- and this year being ‘RIVIERA 2K19’- a Cultural and Sports Fest.

The inaugural of ‘Riviera 2K19’ was held on 17 June in the auditorium, and the inauguration done by lighting of the lamp by chief guest Fr Roshan Crasta – the Administrator of FMHMCH along with other dignitaries namely- Dr Shivaprasad- Principal, Dr G S Prabhu Kiran- Vice Principal, Dr Sreenath- HOD of Materia Medica, and Dr Deepa Pais- Cutural programme coordinator. The six teams participating in Riviera 2K19 were- ‘Octans’ with George and Veshalene as captains; ‘Phoenix’- Banadesh and Joanna (Captains); ‘Hydra’- Ammiya and Lavanya (Captains); ‘Orions’- Ashwin and Sona (Captains); ‘Pegasus’- Muhilan and Anakha (Captains); and ‘Taurus’- Shreyank and Ishitha (Captains).

The week long cultural competition as a part of RIVIERA 2K19 came to an end on June 22nd.The cultural competition included a variety of on stage and off stage competitions like JAM, Extempore , Pencil Sketching, Photography. Art relay, Knot a waste, Soap carving, Comic strip, Face painting, Cooking without fire, Mehendi designing, Hairstyling , Western singing, Eastern singing, Mad ads, Thematic and Knock out dance, Tradition depiction, Short movie screening and Non-thematic dance. The Fest concluded with the valedictory programme at 3.30 pm in the College Auditorium of FMHMCH.

The Chief Guest for the valedictory programme was Rev Fr Nelson D’Almeida, Professor at St Joseph’s Seminary, Jeppu, Mangaluru, and Former Director of Sandesha, Mangaluru. The president of the programme was Rev Fr Roshan Crasta the Administrator of FMHMCH and HPD. Principal of the college Dr Shivaprasad K welcomed the gathering and gave an overview of the cultural fest RIVIERA 2K19

The chief guest Rev Fr Nelson D’Almeida in his message congratulated the winners and motivated all the participants and urged the students not to be disheartened as there will be many more opportunities in the future. “During the week long Fest you must have learnt many things. You have made a lot of sacrifices even forgoing your food and rest in order to give your best. I know many have won the prizes and many did not. Winning prizes is not everything but participation in the events and giving your wholehearted support is something. In this event you have learnt three things. They are: PARTICIPATION, PATIENCE AND PERSEVERANCE”added Fr Nelson.

While concluding hi speech he said, ” Whole world applauded a 19-year-old Japanese girl when she completed her marathon race by crawling on her knees because as she was for about 50 mts away from reaching point one of her legs got fractured. She did not give up till the end. This event has taught the world that what we need for the success of any event is Participation, Patience and Perseverance. For the past 6 days you must have had lot of struggles, must have gone through lot of hardships but you made it a great success because of team spirit and at the same time all the team members equally supported the leader with their full participation, total patience and perseverance. Once again, I congratulate every one. My best wishes to you all”.

The administrator Rev Fr Roshan Crasta in his Presidential address spoke about the all round development required for a student other than the academics and the Cultural competition RIVIERA 2k19 was all about it. He too spoke about taking failure as a stepping stone to success and urged the students not to give up in any situation and motivated them. Dr Deepa Pais, Cultural Coordinator FMHMC declared the winners of various competitions that were held. Prizes were given away by Chief Guest Fr.Nelson D’Almeida and Administrator Fr. Roshan Crasta. Madhu K.S cultural secretary of the Student Association proposed the vote of thanks. The overall Champions of the Cultural competition of RIVEIRA 2K19 were team “Pegasus”. The programme concluded with the institution anthem.

In conclusion, “RIVIERA 2019” provided a platform for the students of FMHMC to unleash their talents and excel in their co-curricular activities. It was the intellectual and cultural fest which provided the students to perform on a big stage and grow in confidence and talent. This was a Fest that provided an opportunity to match their abilities with others on a competitive platform. The Fest brought together the rich cultural heritage of the country and helped to appreciate the diversity of our nation in order to build a strong India based on equality, fraternity, justice and liberty. Although every one dared to dream, and most of them made their daring dreams come true by winning. Everyone had fun and frolic at the week-long mega Fest “. Three Cheers to the Organizing Committee, especially Dr Deepa Pais, the coordinator of the FEST for making it THE BEST EVENT OF THE YEAR!


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