Alternative arrangement for ‘theertha’ at Kukke

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Subrahmanya (DHNS): The famed Kukke Subrahmanya Temple, which was facing acute shortage of water, to sell ‘Theertha’ (holy water) in bottles to its devotees has made an alternative arrangement to get water for the purpose.


Water is being supplied from Posaru Gudde to the temple now. The depletion in water-level at the ‘Theertha Baavi’ (holy water well) inside the temple had forced the temple authorities to suspend the supply of holy water in bottles to the devotees recently. The water from the well is only used for daily puja rituals, ablution of the presiding deity and distribution of holy water among the devotees. As water from outside cannot be used for the rituals inside the temple, the temple authorities decided to go for ‘Tamboola Prashne’ to seek a solution to the water crisis. Accordingly, it was decided to get water from Posaru Gudde to be used for ‘Theertha’ in bottles for the devotees as an alternative measure.

Water flows at Posaru Gudde situated at a distance of 2.5 kilometres away from the temple on the foothills of Kumara Parvatha. About 2,500 metre-long pipelines are being laid from Posaru Gudde to supply water to the temple to be distributed among the devotees. The water is being collected in a huge container near the Sankalpa Mandira of the temple. The water is collected and distributed water among the devotees after the temple chief priest sprinkles the water from the ‘Theertha Baavi’.

Hundreds of devotees took part in a ‘shramadaan’ to lay pipelines to get water from Posaru Gudde voluntarily.

Temple CEO C U Poovappa said there is no problem of supply of holy water to the devotees. The water from Kumaradhara is supplied to guest houses, drinking water and other purposes in the temple.

“The decision to supply holy water in bottles to the devotees will be taken after the completion after laying the pipeline,” he added.

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