Alva’s Education Trust to Celebrate Birthday of Centenarian Mijaruguthu Anand Alva

Alva’s Education Trust to Celebrate Birthday of Centenarian Mijaruguthu Anand Alva

  • Alva’s Education Trust to Celebrate Birthday of Centenarian Mijaruguthu Anand Alva, the father of Dr Mohan Alva-Chairman, Alva’s Education Trust, Moodbidri- a grand celebration is planned today, 15 August 2018 at 11 am at the Smt Sundari Anand Alva Auditorium-Vidyagiri/Moodbidri

Mangaluru: WOW! A huge milestone indeed, did you know that in the UK, the queen actually sends a card to anyone who turns 100? It’s likely that someone turning 100 is going to have lots of friends in their life and 100th birthday wishes will probably be some of the most important and loved that they have in their lives. And for that matter, Team Mangalorean/ would like to extend heartfelt and warmest greetings to Sir Mijaruguthu Anand Alva, the father of Dr Mohan Alva, the Chairman of Alva’s Education Trust, and also a well-wisher and great supporter of

To Sir Mijaruguthu Anand Alva, while he completes his 99th birthday and steps into his 100th birthday, we say, “You deserve a standing ovation, an honor, a salute. You’ve been a blessing to everyone and today they all celebrate you! Congratulations are in order for you’re 100 you see, and many wishes for a birthday that took ten decades just to be! To celebrate your life and in recognition of the brightness that you have brought to the lives of others, we extend our sincere and thoughtful wishes. Each day has held a promise that you can truly appreciate. It’s another opportunity, another chance to try new things, and another day to celebrate. Your life has inspired so many and your inner strength and faith resonate in everything that you do. Happy 100th birthday, To Wonderful You! May God bless you and allow to celebrate many more birthdays in the years to come”.

File Photos of M Anand Alva’s Birthday on 15 August 2015

Mijaruguthu Anand Alva was born on 15 August 1919 to Mijaryguthu Doomanna Alva and Kalyani Shetty Alva. M Anand Alva has been a dedicated Agriculturist, a Successful Entrepreneur, and he has been a supporting pillar and inspiration behind the Mijar Jodukere Kambala, and many other Kambala’s in Moodbidri areas. As an agriculturist, he has cultivated varieties of bananas, including Cavendish bananas and areca-nut, among many other agricultural products. He is a proud father of four children- daughter Meenakshi Alva is a professor of an MBA institute in the USA; and three other sons- Seetharam Alva; Dr Mohan Alva, an educationalist; and Balakrishna Alva, an Engineer. M Anand Alva has been a trustee of various Institutions and Temples/religious institutions. He has been the inspiration behind all the education institutions run under Alva’s Education Trust and is a Green lover and a strong environmentalist, he has been bringing awareness about the green environment and eating a healthy diet and vegetarian food.

Today’s celebration to mark M Anand Alva’s 100th Birthday, will be graced by Padmabhushan Awardee Dr Veerendra Heggade- Veerendra Heggade- a philanthropist and the hereditary administrator/Dharmadhikari of the Dharmasthala Temple, Dr N Vinay Hegde- Chairman, Nitte Educational Institutions; along with many other guests like former state minister Amarnath Shetty, Ex-Minister Abhayachandra Jain, among many others.