Am I a Pharisee?

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Am I a Pharisee?


Charm cheer comfort elation euphoria when God calls to work in the vineyard
Great gracious movement when siblings adieu goodbye for service of mankind
Complacency Contentment when parents sacrifice the child for a greater cause
Solace savvy sense affinity warm sweet solace when God reflects human tissue

Call is nurtured nourished cherished like plant under Caller’s protecting power
Call to feed with Christ’s life prompt provoke, propel thoughts prayerful tower
Built On ROCK master with saintly life spark spurs sway stir motivating creation
Called fed sent to people to continue the mission like faithful disciples incarnation
Am I a Pharisee ‘a tomb outside whitewashed inside full of bones filth muck dirt’?

Sacrifice penance mortification the greatest opportunity create heaven on earth
Slow steady earthly secular temporal corporal waves eat the fiber spiritual path
Avarice Power greed gluttony position influence mock chair climb hidden mash
Revamp revive weakness fragility frailty is justified by theology to defend oneself

Give up for religious poll tricks shunned depressed discouraged deserted drained
Jealousy resentment grudge malice meanness sheave shear spoil the CALL trained
Crippled goal broken soul gracious call vanished at the altar of hidden hostile deed
Many inside the four walls counting the days to say goodbye by suffering enduring
Am I a Pharisee ‘a tomb outside whitewashed inside full of bones filth muck dirt’?

Many leave religious life value live in the world burdened to self with frustration
For many vowed life an umbrella to protect promote appetite one’s ego ambition
So many die or commit suicide fall in the well or end life unnaturally without note
Shock struggle losing life battered crush bash beat the image of God self promote

God’s call is precious gracious gift power potential to bandage the needy wounded
None has the right to destroy desecrate ruin sabotage shatter smash called by God
Washing feet serving leper healing blind free the prisoner is the call within the Call
Hungry lion for power position prestige by distorting the powered blessed call all
Am I a Pharisee ‘a tomb outside whitewashed inside full of bones filth muck dirt’?

Fr Joachim Dsouza Capuchin

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  1. Nice, hitting the nail directly. Reflecting fluctuating zealous, vigour, faith,hope of a person said yes to the call. Many at times yes I’m indeed a phsrasee, a tomb……

    • Dear Fr Joachim…..indeed prophetic message. It’s really a wonderful poem. It’s really thought provoking poem. It may not be easy to digest the thoughts you have expressed. It may disturb the pius spirituality of many. There is a tendency to hide behind the reality. Your inspiriing thoughts should help to think about the purpose of responding the call to serve God and and people.

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